• Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Princess Annes curious body language mimics Prince Philip in landmark royal outing

Oct 5, 2021

Prince Philip: Princess Anne recalls hilarious fishing swipe

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The Royal Family posted on Twitter on Monday saying: “Today, The Princess Royal visited UNESCO in Paris, where HRH met female scientists who have taken part in the UNESCO-L’Oreal Women in Science Programme. HRH also viewed photographs of The Duke of Edinburgh’s visit to UNESCO in Paris in 1988, as President of WWF.” Later on during the day, the Princess Royal visited the Garde Républicaine in Paris, where she watched a military equine display.

The Royal Family also posted about Princess Anne’s royal engagements over the weekend in Paris.

The Royal Family wrote on Twitter on Monday, saying: “Yesterday, The Princess Royal planted the first overseas Jubilee Tree, as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy.

“The planting, which took place in Paris at the Residence of the British Ambassador to France, was attended by representatives of the Commonwealth Realms, and local Scouts.”

Judi James, a body language expert, spoke to Express.co.uk about Princess Anne’s Parisian trip and analysed the Princess Royal’s body language. She suggested Princess Anne showed some similarities to her late father, Prince Philip.

Judi said: “This is a landmark visit from Princess Anne, marking what will hopefully be the start of business as usual again from the royals with this après-lockdown visit to Paris.

“It also marks another body language moment from Anne too, though.

“Working alone as usual on this visit she offers a glimpse of what her father’s approach might have been if he’d performed more frequent solo royal visits abroad and in the UK.

“There’s none of the clothes horse or the photo-perfect fashion plate about Anne, just a strong sense of practicality and stoicism as well as a sense of keen interest and often genuine curiosity.

“Like her father, Anne’s smiles tend to be less about the social signalling and more about moments of genuine good humour.

“She seems to have no pitch-perfect or ‘fixed’ Princess version and can look focused or even dour at times but when she does grin the effect is that she is being genuine rather than buckling to any pressure to look agreeable or polite.

“Here that effect seems to have a strong influence on the people around her who appear to have switched into a more businesslike look rather than over-beaming eagerly at a visiting royal.

“Her eye contact with her host in the gallery suggests genuine interest and the two women’s very active gesticulation as they talk suggest this is more than just an exchange of formalities.”

Royal fans expressed their adoration for the Princess Royal on social media and how hard she works.

For example, Sharon Frawley wrote on Twitter: “I love Princess Anne, she’s always been my favourite.

“She works wonderfully for the Royal Family and is so underrated, but it never bothers her, she just quietly gets on with things.”

Sharon also wrote in relation to Anne’s visit to UNESCO which Prince Philip also visited in 1988.

She added: “I love Princess Anne and how alike she is to her father.

“How wonderful for her seeing pictures of when he visited in 1988.”

Royal fan Cherry Bounce commented on Twitter, saying: “You are an inspiration to us all Princess Anne!

“Thank you for your duty, your selflessness, and your natural grace and charm.”

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