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Princess Michael of Kents body language is resilient – but now shows signs of frailty

Jun 30, 2022

Princess Michael – The Controversial Royal on Channel 5

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Prince and Princess of Kent are members of the extended Royal Family. The royal couple is understood to be stepping down from public life, as was originally reported by The Telegraph. The Prince and Princess married on June 30, 1978, which is exactly 54 years ago today.

What is their body language like as a couple?

Judi James, a body language expert spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to explain.

She said: “Princess Michael of Kent’s body language was once described as ‘more royal than the royals’.

“But it seems Princess Michael has provided a very complementary match to her husband’s body language.”

Why is this?

Judi continued: “This is suggesting their relationship has been quietly enduring through all the years when other top-tier royals have been suffering their own anguish of splits, rifts and divorce,” the expert claimed.

How close do the couple appear to be?

Judi suggested: “Princess Michael has always looked totally devoted to her husband, posing playfully in their earlier photos.

“Their latest poses suggest a mutual support system now both show signs of frailty.”

These poses would have been during Royal Ascot a few weeks ago when the Kent royals made an official appearance.

How have Prince and Princess Michael handled the controversy surrounding their marriage?

Judi claimed: “They have in their time been one of the more controversial royal couples.

“But that has never seemed to dent or compromise their appearances together.

“Princess Michael’s royal smile looks resilient.

“Her poses with her husband never edge away from a look of old-fashioned royalty.”

They have been one of the most controversial couples in the Royal Family.

This is because the Princess’ father, Baron Gunther Hubertus von Reibnitz, was a Nazi party member during World War II.

Following the revelation of her father’s Nazi past, she told television viewers in an interview: “My shoulders are broad. I shall have to carry it.

“I wasn’t alive when all this happened, so I hope people will judge me on my performance, on what I am.”

The Prince, who is the Queen’s first cousin, also garnered some controversy recently due to a lineage to Tsar Nicholas II and having had strong business links with Russia.

His connections to the Kremlin came under scrutiny after the invasion of Ukraine.

But in March, the 79-year-old handed back an Order of Friendship award, one of Russia’s highest honours, as well as stepping down as patron of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce.

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