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Psychotherapist on biggest red flag that means you should end your relationship

Jan 6, 2022

A psychotherapist says there is a simple question to ask if you want to know if your relationship is worth keeping – and the wrong answer is a huge red flag.

Stina Sanders gave her dating advice in a video and her followers said it was very "helpful".

In the clip, she says: "When a client asks should I stay in my relationship, I ask them this question…

"Is your partner inspiring you and supporting you to grow, or are they preventing you from growing?

"At the end of the day that is what it all comes down to.

"Do you feel supported or do you feel that your partner is holding you back?"

She added: "The next time you're questioning your relationship, ask yourself this question, 'Do I feel supported, and am I supporting my partner', or are you both holding each other back?"

The clip went down a storm on her @stinasanders TikTok account and people praised her for making relationship advice so simple.

One user told her: "I've finally made steps to call it a day. I encouraged growing and my partner the opposite. Listen to your heart."

A second fan gushed: "Those are great points, thank you!"

"Thank you for sharing – I’m going through a breakup and this video really got me thinking about those points, it is actually very helpful," said someone else.

Another person experiencing relationship trouble shared: "Every time I try to leave I get 'But you can't just throw 10 years away.'"

Stina's is a London-based psychotherapist and the author of the self-help book NOT THE ONE: A Woman’s Guide To Identifying Red Flags.

This comes after a woman said she told her Hinge date to leave after getting "bad vibes" and was then shocked to find out a secret message he left on the toilet.

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