The Rebecchis are in for a nasty shock when Yashvi (Olivia Junkeer) makes a devastating find in Neighbours – could this rip the family apart?

Yashvi continues to make friends with new girl Mackenzie, but she can’t shake off the feeling they’ve met somewhere before. She might be about to find out it’s more than a Déjà vu she feels.

Mackenzie denies that they’ve previously met, or that she’s ever been to Bourke where Yashvi’s family are from when Yashvi questions if perhaps they met once there. But still, that glitch in the Matrix feeling persists and Yashvi is bugged by the feeling that she knows Mackenzie from somewhere.

After a row with her dad, she vents to her new friend about overhearing Shane (Nicholas Coghlan) saying horrible things about her and in a moment of panic Mackenzie drops what she’s carrying – school transcripts from Bourke Primary School.

She quickly picks them up and hides them, but who the heck is she and what does she want with Yashvi?

Shane wants to repair his relationship with his eldest daughter and eventually starts building bridges after some hard work, although he’s got a long way to go. But as they work on their relationship and Yashvi continues to confide in Mackenzie, she notices her friend has taken an overly keen interest in her dad.

She hits on a massive red alert when she finds a photo of Shane and Mackenzie amongst Mackenzie’s things and comes to a devastating conclusion – she is his illegitimate daughter and Yashvi’s secret sister!

Has Shane hidden a secret love child all these years? Yashvi is on a mission to find the truth – and when she witnesses a moment between Shane and the girl her suspicions seem to be confirmed. Has her dad got a whole secret family squirrelled away and could this discovery devastate this family?

Scenes air from Monday 2nd September at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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