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‘RHOBH’: Dorit Kemsley Calls Camille Grammer ‘A Snake’ After She Accuses Her Husband Of Being In Debt

Jun 26, 2019

In what may be one of the most dramatic dinner conversations in ‘RHOBH’ history (and there are many), Camille Grammer accused Dorit Kemsley’s husband, PK, of owing ‘a lot of money’ to somebody ‘very, very close’ to her.

No glasses were thrown, but the accusations hurled during dinnertime in the June 25 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were serious. Camille Grammer, 50, talked a bit too freely about Dorit Kemsley and husband Paul Kemsley’s finances at dinner, following the unveiling of Dorit’s Beverly Beach line in the Beverly Hills Kitson storefront. The topic was brought up after Dorit revealed that she knew Camille had gossiped about the Kemsleys’ financial standing with Lisa Rinna. Both Lisa and Camille didn’t deny this.

“It was before my 50th,” Camille told Dorit at the dinner table. “I had to get to know you. I didn’t trust you, I didn’t. Dorit, I didn’t. I didn’t know where you were getting all this money from.” Dorit immediately got defensive, asking, “What do you mean? Where I was getting all what money from? What are you talking about?”

“Your husband was telling me how he filed for bankruptcy,” Camille clarified — cut to old footage from a year ago, in which PK told a dinner crowd (which included Camille) how he “ended up a billionaire out of nowhere” but got “taken down.” After recalling that conversation, Camille added, “And I was just like, ‘Wow, where does she get these fancy cars, these Bentleys she’s driving around, all these diamonds, your makeup, your glam, your clothes are outstanding, they’re beautiful, I’ve always said that.”

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Dorit was flabbergasted. “My husband built a $2 billion business from zero,” she snapped back, adding, “Let me finish. Let me clear it up for you. In 2008, his business went bust. He claimed bankruptcy, much like many, many successful men. What does that have to do with today? This was 10 years ago! What are you talking about?”

Camille then revealed why she was bringing up seemingly outdated topics, saying, “Your husband owes out a lot of money to somebody very, very closer to me.” Of course, Dorit didn’t buy this accusation, but insisted her co-star reveal whatever information she could possibly be withholding. “You can give me whatever you want, Camille,” Dorit said, but Camille didn’t think she could handle the truth: “You don’t want me to. You don’t want me to.” Dorit, who was losing patience, warned Camille to not “threaten” her, but the Bravo star insisted she was “protecting” Dorit. That’s when Dorit snapped.

“You’re protecting me?! You’re a little snake!” Dorit yelled, emphasizing, “That’s what you are. You wanna go low? We’ll go low.” But Camille still whipped out another allegation, later saying, “I know your husband owes over $1 million to a company. It’s bad. There’s lawyers involved, too.”

While Camille didn’t go into details of PK’s alleged debt, Dorit’s husband was reportedly sued for failing to repay a $1.2 million loan from 2011 to a man named Nicos Kirzis, according to court documents that The Blast obtained. PK’s lawyer also reported that the English businessman recently reached a settlement with the Bellagio over a lawsuit from 2013, in which the hotel sued PK for allegedly failing to pay a $3.6 million casino marker, according to Page Six.

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