Paris got engaged last month — and her parents are demanding grandbabies!

Rick Hilton is hoping daughter Paris gives him a grandson — but his wife Kathy will take anything.

The couple were out dining at Craig’s in LA on Thursday night, when they stopped to speculate on potential grandchildren Paris and new fiance Carter Reum might provide.

“Yeah he’s a great guy,” 65-year-old Rick said of his son-in-law-to-be.

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“I enjoy grandchildren, so I’m looking forward to more of those, I’ve three of them now,” he mused. “I’m looking for it sooner than later.”

Paris’s siblings have supplied three grandkids to the clan, all girls: Nicky and husband James Rothschild share two daughters — four-year-old Lily-Grace and three-year-old Teddy — while Barron and wife Tessa share Milou, who just turned one last week.

So when Rick was asked what he was hoping for, he not-uncertainly replied: “Boy”.

As for his wife Kathy however, anything would be just fine by her.

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“Anything!” she replied when asked. “We’ll take any  — any boy or a girl. Healthy, happy: we’re happy.”

The new “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star added that Carter was definitely “the one.”

“They’re very happy, and I’m just thrilled,” she beamed.

As it happens, the grandparents might be getting both: in January, Paris revealed on The Trend Reporter podcast that she was already undergoing IVF treatment, had completed egg extraction, and wanted boy and girl twins.

“We have been doing the IVF, so I can pick twins if I like,” she said. “We want to have twins first, and then, I don’t know. I’d like three or four children.”

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