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Ridiculous reviews prove the customer is not always right

Mar 10, 2023

The customer is not always right! Ridiculous reviews include a one-star rating for a CHURCH for giving away a ‘small’ turkey

  • People have shared the most ridiculously entitled reviews they have seen online
  • Bored Panda then collated the funniest bad reviews into an online gallery
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Disgruntled customers love to complain online, but sometimes a bad review is definitely not warranted.   

Bored Panda has called out the reviews left by entitled customers from around the world that will leave you feeling very sorry for the staff who had to deal with them. 

They include a punter who bizarrely gave their local pub a one-star rating because their card declined when they tried to pay for a pint. 

Even the house of God does not escape criticism, with a parishioner in the US complaining that the free Thanksgiving turkey they received from their church was too small.  

People from around the world have shared the most entitled reviews they have seen online and Bored Panda collated them into a hilarious gallery including one customer who gave their church a one star review for giving them a small free turkey for Thanksgiving

Then there was the job seeker who admitted they were rating a store based on getting a job with them. 

‘If they hire me I will say nice things about them,’ they wrote. ‘If they don’t let me join I will say bad things.’

Another coffee shop customer complained that they had to buy another cookie after dropping the one they had bought on their way out the door. 

And an extremely ungrateful customer moaned that their favourite fast food joint, which stayed open late to serve them, had run out of fries. 

While another person gave their local pub a one star review because their card declined when they tried to pay for a pint

While someone else went around getting a job a the wrong way by giving the business a one star review 

This customer left a coffee shop a one star review after he dropped his cookie on the floor when he left 

This person wanted to negotiate the price of martial arts classes at a small business and got annoyed when they refused 

While another person left a one star review after they tried to negotiate the price of their rent 

This person, believed to be from the UK, complained about portion sizes after they only ordered enough food for half the group 

A Jimmy Johns, in Illinois, received a one star review from a customer who was $3 short for a sandwich 

Another entitled customer left a review after they didn’t want to pay their local bike shop for a service they provided 

One customer, from the US, left a bad review after they expected an online pet supplies retailer to offer free products 

A grocery store in the US had a one star review because a customer wanted to park for free so they could go and eat elsewhere 

This local restaurant stayed open late to serve a customer after hours and he left them a one star review for running out of fries 

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