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The Kevin Costner Story: How The Robin Hood Grew His $250 Million Fortune

Oct 16, 2021

Kevin Costner’s acting career spans over four decades. The veteran actor has amassed about $250 million through his work, ventures, and partnerships, making his story a success.

Known for his Western and Historical drama movies, Costner was inspired by 1963’s movie, How The West Was Born. His magnificent filmography as an actor and filmmaker has mostly showcased the grit and spirit of American culture. Additionally, the actor is also known for his various works off the screen with his contribution to the world of music, business, and endorsement deals. So, let’s take a look at the various factors that have contributed to the success story of the talented actor, Kevin Costner.

Blockbuster Film And Television Roles

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It all started with minor roles and TV commercials for Costner. He gained attention starring in Lawrence Kasdan’s Western drama Silverado, which turned out to be a commercial and critical success. After this success, Kevin’s career took off over the time the actor has managed to be seen in blockbusters such as Field Of Dreams, a movie that earned $84 million at the box office. The actor also explored the world of direction when he directed and starred in Dances With Wolves which amassed a whopping $424 million at the box office.

Some of his recent roles include entering the DC Universe as Jonathan Kent, Superman’s father. He currently plays a lead in Yellowstone, a drama TV show about a family of ranchers. As mentioned by Taste Of Country, Costner earns $500,000 per episode.

Music Career

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The formation of the band Kevin Costner & Modern West in 2007 marked the actor’s entry into the world of music. Ever since, the band has gained immense success with their four studio country albums released. The hype opened opportunities for the group, and they were soon seen performing at festivals. That was not all; Kevin Costner & Modern West completed tours in Europe until 2012.

The band released the album Tales From Yellowstone, inspired by John Dutton, Costner’s character from the TV show Yellowstone. The actor wrote a series of songs from the character’s perspective, and Paramount Network decided to add the tunes for the show’s third season that aired in June 2020, as noted by Commercial News. The band is set to tour from October 27, with tickets ranging from $59 to $99.

Several Brand Endorsements

Jacques Lemans is an Austrian watchmaker selling watches in 130 countries and signed Kevin as their brand ambassador in 2014. Jacques Lemans and Costner released the Kevin Costner Collection, and the campaign was advertised in all airlines, including Austrian Airlines, Qatar Airlines, and Air Berlin.

The watches in Costner’s collection are priced between $160 to $440, while the most expensive watch is the KC-101A Model containing a sapphire glass crystal priced at $2,320. The star earned a sizable portion from the sales of the watch featuring his style.

Midnight Star Casino’s Ownership

For several decades, Kevin was the owner of a casino named Midnight Star located in Deadwood, South Dakota. According to Prevention, the casino has an estimated net worth of up to $6.2 million. Midnight Star was inspired by the veteran actor’s role in the movie Silverado. This space also had a special spot to display the collectibles and costumes from the movie and personal memorabilia from the actor.

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However, the casino was closed in 2017, and Costner sold the place to another management called Lamar Feed and Grain LLC. After the change in management and decor, it is reported to reopen to the people of South Dakota in 2020.

Business Ventures

Costner’s businesses go beyond entertainment and casino adventures. The star also decided to pursue another passion, Ocean Sciences. In 1995, Costner purchased Ocean Therapy Solutions from the United States Government, specializing in water purification technologies. The actor had purchased the company for $24 million, which turned lucrative as British Petroleum asked for their services for $52 million after the Deepwater Horizon spill in 2010. Additionally, the veteran actor also co-founded WestPac Resources and Costner Industries, focusing on technologies that separate oil from water.

To encourage people to engage in Western Culture, Costner proudly opened Tatanka on US Route 85, which is a spot that offers exhibits of Native Americans, gift shops, and life-size sculptures. Returning to his businesses in the entertainment industry, Costner co-founded Tig Productions in 2008, which later became Treehouse Productions in 2014, and has produced hits such as Dances With Wolves.

As one of the highest-paid actors in the world, Kevin Costner has relied on various sources for his income and made intelligent investments with high returns. Even when he makes business decisions, Costner keeps his acting career in the front seat. Kevin Costner is set to star in the fourth season of Yellowstone, which is set to release on November 07, 2021.

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