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The Range shoppers are rushing to buy air fryer that costs as little as 13p per meal to run | The Sun

Oct 22, 2022

BARGAIN hunters are fired up after The Range revealed it is selling an air fryer that can help you slash your energy bills.

The retailer is known for its popular low cost deals, and now it's given customers another bargain to go wild for.

Air fryers are all the rave at the moment – bringing home cooks quicker dinners that are a tad more healthy too.

And as the gadget doesn't require pre-heating, it could save you money on your energy bills.

Under the new price cap, using one for 15 minutes costs just 13p.

The Range revealed it is selling a Tower Vortx Manual four Litre air fryer for £59.99.


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The appliance is currently available instore and online – but you'll have to be quick, because the retailer said it has limited stock.

You can find your nearest The Range by using the store locator tool on the retailer's website.

Bear in mind you may need to check delivery costs if you're ordering to your house.

The air fryer has a rapid air circulation system allowing for faster cooking and energy saving.

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This is the cheapest we've found this product, but it's always worth a search around other stores in case we've missed it for a better bargain.

Running an oven for an hour at the moment costs 21p – so an air fryer could be more expensive if you use it a lot.

However, these are only estimated costs – it mainly depends on how often you use which appliance and the models you own.

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It also depends on what you cook – an energy expert told The Sun if you're cooking breaded chicken, it'll be cheaper to make it in an air fryer as opposed to an electric oven.

It'll set you back just 11p to cook it, but it only needs to be in there for 39 minutes as opposed to 49 minutes in the oven.

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