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The viral clay mask that has sold over 1.5 MILLION units is on sale

Dec 23, 2022

Clear congestion fast! The viral pink clay mask that has sold over 1.5 MILLION units is on sale for 20% off (and the results are impressive)

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A cult-favourite pink clay mask that has sold over 1.5 million units has been credited with tightening pores and brightening skin in ten minutes flat.

The Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask is giving users real skin transformations after just one use, with shoppers noticing a ‘brighter and healthy appearance’ almost immediately. And the best part? You can now save 20 per cent on Amazon.

The multi-award-winning Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay facemask detoxifies, brightens and minimizes the appearance of pores in just ten minutes. 

You can save 20 per cent off on your first Subscribe and Save order on Amazon – just ensure the voucher box is ticked before purchasing.

Users have shared their impressive before and after’s with the Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask

If your skin has been playing up with angry breakouts, then a soothing clay mask could be a good step to introduce into your skincare routine. 

And according to thousands of impressed shoppers, the Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask is exactly what you need to combat spots, congested skin and pigmentation. 

Plus, you can now save 20 per cent off the bestselling mask on Amazon with your first Subscribe and Save order. Just ensure you tick the voucher box when buying.

When a product goes viral, it’s usually not without merit, and the Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask has proved it’s deserved of all the hype time and time again. 

Australian pink clay is the hero ingredient of the mask. A magnet for toxins, it deeply cleanses the skin, helping to tighten pores, clear congestion and battle breakouts.

The added witch hazel also helps to refine pores and soothe irritation, key when skin is breaking out, while kelp speeds up the skin repair process.  

To balance out a combination complexion in 10 minutes, you can apply the Porefining Face Mask to your t-zone, or shoppers have even noticed the benefits when using it as an overnight spot treatment. 

With over 1.5 million units sold, the mask helps users refine pores, clear congestion, and instantly boost radiance

On Amazon, the Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask Set has amassed over 4,700 five-star reviews, with shoppers hailing it ‘amazing’ for ‘clearer, brighter skin’. 

On the Sand & Sky website, one impressed user raved: ‘This product is a holy grail, look-no-further kind of mask! 

‘It is a clay mask that doesn’t strip moisture away, and in fact boosts my moisture level. Pores are detoxed and become tighter, even after the first use.’

‘No more pores’ wrote another. ‘The pores on my nose and cheekbones have shrunk and have been significantly cleared out. 

‘I notice my skin looking more even tone wise. It has helped with dryness and with helping minimize my black heads. I’m beyond impressed.’

A third penned: ‘So far so good. I have used this product for a week (3 times) and can already see a difference. My skin feels healthier and clearer. 

‘I suffer from oily skin and this product has helped to keep it balanced. I would recommend it.’

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