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These star signs make the perfect romantic partners

Sep 6, 2019

Is your partner right for you? Astrology expert reveals the most compatible star signs in the zodiac – and those that are BEST in the bedroom

  • Finding the perfect partner is easier said than done nowadays
  • Australian astrologer Kelli Fox revealed which star signs are most compatible
  • Adventurous signs Aries and Sagittarius make a powerfully physical pair
  • Curious Gemini and inquisitive, quirky Aquarius match on an intellectual level
  • Capricorn and Virgo are an outwardly driven but privately sensual duo

FEMAIL’s resident zodiac expert, Australian astrologer Kelli Fox (pictured) has revealed what star signs are most compatible 

As the saying goes, there’s plenty of fish in the sea.

But despite the advent of dating apps and social media networking, finding the perfect partner remains easier said than done for many people.

According to renowned Australian astrologer Kelli Fox the secret to success lies in the stars – or rather, star signs.

Speaking to FEMAIL, Kelli deciphered the most compatible love matches in the zodiac to determine whether you’re already on track to happily ever after or looking for love in all the wrong places.


According to Kelli, these naturally adventurous and optimistic signs are made for each other. 

‘Aries is eager to go where angels fear to tread and Sagittarius happily walks, or more likely sprints, alongside,’ she told FEMAIL.

‘Few can understand the adventure of being alive quite like this pair, or match their stamina. 

‘Aries is emboldened by Sagittarius’s encouragement, while Sagittarius is inspired by Aries’ courage and boundless energy. This is a truly passionate and physical relationship.’


These hopeless romantics just can’t get enough of each other. 

‘They understand vulnerability in themselves and others, and instinctively protect each other’s hearts,’ Kelli revealed, adding there’s an almost psychic connection between these two. 

‘Cancer is flattered by Scorpio’s romantic intensity, and Scorpio feels that Cancer truly sees all the good in them. 

‘They could spend a lifetime simply staring into each other’s eyes.’

While some zodiac signs display their bedroom prowess like a badge of honour, others prefer to keep things under wraps for the right moment. According to astrologer Kelli Fox, these five signs are the friskiest in the bedroom – and some may surprise you!

Aries: What’s foreplay? Don’t ask an Aries – they don’t know either. But living in the present does have its perks, like the amnesia Aries develops when it comes to social mores and expectations when they’re feeling lustful. They have a natural animal charisma and youthful charm, and what they lack in finesse and technique, they make up for in stamina and enthusiasm. Don’t expect rose petals and candles, but do expect to be up all night and into the next day. If you can match their enthusiasm, keep it friendly (and fun), you just may have a round two in your future.


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Virgo: Surprised? You shouldn’t be. This sensual sign is a master of detail. None know physical sensitivity quite like a Virgo, and no one studies the human body quite like a Virgo. Once they know you’re discrete, it’s time to play, and they have a detailed game plan. They want to know what turns you on and off, and they’ll execute it with precision. But, you’ll have to coax from Virgo what they actually want and enjoy themselves, because they tend to make sex all about their partners.

Scorpio: Scorpio, the seducer, will give you what you want to get what Scorpio needs – which is everything. Once they’ve decided that they want you, they want to know all about you, and these masters of subtlety will push the envelope and read all your tiny clues that let them know they’re hitting the right spot. Nothing is taboo, but Scorpio lovers are anything but showoffs. Sex is about deep intimacy for them – it isn’t just about bodily pleasure, because sex for a Scorpio is primarily psychological and secondarily physical.

Capricorn: BDSM, clandestine affairs, and secret lovers suit Capricorn just fine, because sex gives them a private place to be vulnerable, be human and be wild. They may come off as cool and aloof, but this Earth sign is a sensual creature full of lust and fantasies that would make even Scorpio blush, and they want someone they can trust (through commitment or contract) to live out these kinky fantasies with.

Aquarius: While not the most sensual or even the most sexual of the signs, Aquarius is the one most open to experimentation. Sex isn’t a big deal to Aquarius, nor is commitment to just one person. They’re more likely to identify with an alternative lifestyle – polyamory, orgies, strange fetishes, group sex, and hi-tech sex toys are their bag. If it scandalises the neighbours, they’re into it, or they’re at least going to try it, because even sex isn’t fun without the shock value.


On the outside this power couple appears to be on a mission, and they will work hard to achieve worldly success. 

But behind closed doors, they live in a world of sensuality and sexual expression where anything goes. 

‘Virgo is a detail-oriented lover who aims to please through acts of service, and cool, calm and collected Capricorn provides Virgo with a judgement-free space,’ Kelli said.


These curious and brainy air signs endlessly feed each other’s need to know and socialise. 

‘Gemini is fascinated with Aquarius’s shocking, inventive mind and in turn, Aquarius laps up all the facts and information Gemini throws their way,’ Kelli explained.

But it seems monogamy may not be on the cards for this quirky pairing.

‘They both feel that one lover isn’t enough, and love should be open to the world. The electricity they generate attracts friends from all walks of life,’ she said.

A romantic partnership between Gemini and Aquarius is a true meeting of the minds, but Kelli revealed both signs may seek more than one lover (stock image)


Is this a fairy tale, perhaps a dream? 

If so, Cancer and Pisces never want to wake up – or get out of bed, for that matter.

‘Inspired by the great love stories of the past, these imaginative lovers create a romantic oasis far away from the cold, harsh world,’ Kelli revealed.

‘Romantic Pisces easily melts Cancer’s defences and opens their tender heart, and Pisces happily drowns in Cancer’s endless, enveloping affection.’


According to Kelli, these signs are born partners because they love a good time.

‘Gemini happily provides Libra with the variety they crave while Libra opens up Gemini to a world of possibilities through social interaction,’ she said.

‘Libra loves every one of Gemini’s contradicting, crazy ideas, and Gemini loves Libra’s ability to attract people simply by existing.

‘They quickly smooth over any disagreements and focus their energy on being a couple.’


This hardworking couple understands that nothing worthwhile is free.

‘With their quiet understanding and subtle but abundant affectionate displays, they create a peace that few couples know,’ Kelli said.

‘Taurus helps Virgo relax and feel worthy of the good things in life, and Virgo, seeing all Taurus’ potential, gently motivates the bull to meet their goals.’


‘Here’s a couple that turns heads,’ Kelli revealed.

‘Leo can never quite win Sagittarius over completely, giving Sag a reason to be their naturally over-the-top self. 

‘Arguing is a form of foreplay for these two, and PDA is all but required, because love should be fun and their romance is a 24-hour amusement park!’

Leo and Sagittarius make a fiery, passionate pair who love to argue and are prone to public displays of affection (stock image)


These earthy signs appreciate the finer things in life and enjoy someone to appreciate them with.

‘Patient, steadfast, and practical, they create a quiet but enduring romance full of respect, pleasure, comfort, and security,’ Kelli said.

‘Taurus happily gives Capricorn all the affection they crave and appreciates how hard Capricorn works for their future. 

‘Capricorn, in turn, does everything they can to fulfill Taurus’s many desires and make their world beautiful.’


These lighthearted signs know how to have a good time. 

‘Libra is a ready-and-willing audience and accomplice to all of Aquarius’ sudden whims,’ Kelli said.

‘Aquarius is happy to make all the decisions and let Libra have their little crushes without envy. They create a breezy love that accepts each other exactly as they are, never letting jealousy get in the way.’

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