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This Is What Makes Kanye Wests $57 Million Malibu Mansion A Livable Art Piece

Oct 14, 2021

Kanye West has had a winding road to stardom and had a modest upbringing in a small home in Chicago, Illinois. From his successful career as a rapper, music producer, and businessman, West has amassed a whopping $1.1 billion fortune. His lavish lifestyle is proof that the rapper spends a lot of money on cars, vacations, and real estate. Amidst his recently released album Donda in August 2021 and separation from his wife Kim Kardashian, West has been the talk of the town. He made the headlines again after purchasing a bunker-style home in Malibu for $57 million. West is known to spend millions of dollars on properties, but he caught everyone’s attention with this unique purchase.

A home that has half of its space like a sculpture, Kanye West has combined his interests in art and real estate for this mansion. A unique area that offers sprawling views of LA let’s take a look inside West’s living art piece mansion.

A Sculpturesque Home

The Malibu home was put on sale in 2020 by Richard Sachs, a former Wall Street Financier who had put it for purchase for an astonishing $75 million. Sachs had initially bought the home in 2003 for only $1.9 million and transformed the place while he resided there for 20 years, as noted by Architectural Digest.

West had admitted multiple times that he was interested in architecture, especially after his father would encourage him to visit libraries and read about it in Chicago. When the artist visited Naoshima in Japan, he was impressed with the architectural structure of the art island created by Tadao Ando. Knowing the bunker-style home was designed by Tadao Ando and constructed by Marmol Radziner, West jumped at the opportunity to buy the home. Additionally, it is one of Ando’s only properties in the USA.

The art piece-style home has an area of 3,665 square feet with no garden or open space apart from home itself. The house is divided into three stories: The bottom floor contains three guest bedrooms, the middle floor houses a shared space, while the top floor has the master suite for West. Located on a busy Malibu street, it boasts a magnificent view of the beach, as stated by Love Property. The exterior images of the concrete and frosted-glass bunker-style home show a minimalist tone that suits the artist’s tastes.

A ‘Bunker Style’ Property

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As the sale took place on an off-market deal, the interior images of the home have not been released to the public. Even so, the four-bedroom and four-and-a-half bathroom home has been expected to be equipped with the minimalist concept that West has used for all of his previous properties.

The home is quite close to the neighbors, which wouldn’t provide as much privacy as the artist would want; however, the interior is as coveted as a real bunker. The three bedrooms on the bottom floor are equipped with ensuite bathrooms, while the middle floor features a kitchen, living area, bathroom, and lounge that is equipped with a sturdy fire pit. According to Standard, West’s penthouse-style Master Bedroom has a rooftop terrace that offers a majestic view of the beach.

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The home has clean and crisp lines, sleek architecture, and a modernist look. While it may be designed like a bunker, the floor-to-ceiling windows around it offer some levity and open the space to the gorgeous beach just a few footsteps away. This military-grade bunker is made purely from concrete and steel to stand firm against any calamity coming ahead.

Living Inside A Sculpture

For his birthday, Kanye West was gifted a drawing of a home by renowned artist and exhibitor James Turell. The drawing had always inspired West to peek into the world of minimalist art and sculptures to the point where he had admitted to having an urge to live inside a sculpture made by Turell. While the dream hasn’t come true yet, West came a step closer with the Tadao-designed livable sculpture.

The home is not only pleasing to the eyes, but West has ensured it is practical for his transport as well. As mentioned by Hot New Hip Hop, the home is only a thirty-minute car ride away from Kim Kardashian and their four children so he could visit them as and when needed.

Along with his newest purchase, West already owns a string of beautiful properties. He owns a $1.25 million condo in Soho, a $17.8 million home in Bel Air, two ranches in Wyoming, and a $2.2 million Calabasas hideout. He also owned a $60 million mansion in the Hidden Hills with Kim Kardashian.

While Kanye has had a busy year with increased media scrutiny and his highly successful album, the artist found a space for himself where he could live in solitude and admire the architectural creation at the same time. The home is an eye-watering masterpiece, and there is nobody better to appreciate its beauty than Kanye West himself.

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