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Twin mum Frankie Essex’s tips for Dani Dyer – from separate baths to hand socks

Feb 3, 2023

Twin mum Frankie Essex has shared some advice that has helped her as a new mum-of-two as the likes of Dani Dyer and Amy Childs prepare for the arrival of their babies.

Frankie welcomed her twins Logan and Luella in April 2022, and is currently prepping for the kids’ first birthday.

Over the course of her motherhood journey, Frankie has learnt a series of handy tips that have made her life as a twin mum easier, and has now shared them in a bid to help other mums like pregnant Dani.

Writing in this week’s OK! Column, Frankie said: “It was Amy Childs who told me about getting freezer pots for the twins’ food. I never knew about them and would have never known about them if it wasn’t for Amy, so I think all mums can help each other out in different ways.”

She went on: “My friend Alex thought of the idea of putting socks on her baby’s hands instead of mittens. The mittens kept falling off, but the socks would stay on better. It’s such a great idea!

"I used to find it so hard to bathe the babies at the same time, when someone advised that I bathe them separately. Now I leave one in the Jumperoo (which I got from Facebook Marketplace) with the telly on while I have the other one upstairs. That way I know that if I am on my own and Luke’s out working, the baby can’t move around or go somewhere else.

“They’re only in the bath for a few minutes so I bathe them, get them ready, then swap over. It’s so much easier for me.”

Another tip Frankie got from Amy is to put the twins’ names down for school as soon as possible.

“When Amy came round, she was advising me to put the twins' names down for school. I didn’t know I’d have to do it this early!” Frankie wrote for OK!.

“I know we have to start thinking about it and the school we’d quite like to send them to, to get them in I think you have to put their names down when they’re 18 months old – which is obviously quite soon.

“We’re not going to send them to a private school, they’re just going to go to a nice state school. There’s loads and loads of schools in Brentwood; that’s one of the reasons we moved here. I wasn’t pregnant when we first started house hunting, but luckily it’s worked out well.”

Noting the twin boom in Essex at the moment, Frankie further added: “I think I’ll be okay school wise because the twins are a year ahead of everyone else's. Dani Dyer and Amy Childs’ babies will be in the same school year. I wonder how many twins a school can take on at a time?”

Dani announced late last month that she and footballer boyfriend Jarrod Bowen are set to welcome two bundles of joy this year, two years after the former Love Island star had her first child, a little boy named Santiago, with ex Sammy Kimmence.

The daughter of former EastEnders actor Danny Dyer took to Instagram to announce the happy news, as she posted a sweet snap of her two year old Santiago holding up a board which read: "I'm going to be a big brother to twins," alongside two sonogram snaps.

Captioning the post, Dani wrote: "Our little TWINS. So excited to meet our babies and watch Santi be the best big brother… The biggest surprise of our lives but feeling SO blessed…"

She concluded: "Our family is getting a lot bigger and I can't wait."

Come back next week to hear more from Frankie and her motherhood journey.


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