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Voice of the Mirror: More cops needed on streets if we’re to tackle knife crime

Jul 12, 2019

If we want to tackle knife crime, we need more police on the streets.

That seems obvious to everyone except Theresa May, still in denial about the consequences of 20,000 being cut on her watch.

A report today warns that serious violent crime is at crisis point, with a 58% increase in knife offences over the past five years.

Cuts to police have led to fewer crimes being detected and prosecuted. The PM claims there is no direct correlation with knife crime levels.

She is the only person in the country who believes this. Even Home Secretary Sajid Javid has recognised the cuts must be reversed.

Mrs May bequeaths a terrible legacy from her time as Home Secretary and in No10.

As a result of her actions, our streets are less safe and too many young lives have been lost.

Pensions crisis potty

Most people should be able to look forward to a secure and happy retirement.

Having worked hard and saved for their pension, they deserve to put their feet up.

But more than a quarter of OAPs have been forced back to work as they struggle financially.

In many cases, this is because they have run down their savings since changes introduced by George Osborne four years ago, allowing people to dip into pension pots from 55.

Half a million over-55s have taken advantage of this freedom in the last tax year alone, taking a collective £8.1billion. Some regret the move as they end up without enough to live on.

Others have fallen prey to dodgy advisers in a market that is poorly regulated.

Many have benefited from this pension freedom as it has allowed them to buy a new car, pay for a holiday or do up their home.

But anyone contemplating it should make sure they get the best advice and guidance.

Bowl us over

England powered into the Cricket World Cup final after demolishing the Aussies.

Here’s hoping the glorious run continues with victory over New Zealand on Sunday.

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