It’s been barely a day since their time in the villa came to an end, but just in case you’re worried: yes, Caro and Ray are still together after Love Island. They made clear on the show that they plan to continue their relationship (even making things official before meeting the parents). And though you may think after a few weeks in a house full of people they’d want a little alone time, the two still haven’t left each other’s sides.

Following Wednesday night’s Season 1 finale — on which Zac and Elizabeth were crowned the winners and split the $100,000 prize — Caro has returned to Instagram in a big way. She posted several videos of her and Ray in their hotel room, including a sweet message to her new boyfriend. "It has been a crazy journey but so glad it led me to this one," Caro said of Ray in one of her stories. "Ray, you’re the f*cking besttt and we about to beeee litttt."

Compared to some of the other couples, Ray and Caro have had an unconventional journey. Caro was a little bit indecisive throughout the show, first pairing up with Cashel only to get her heart broken when he picked Kyra, then trying to make things work with Michael, and exploring a few other connections before finally, Ray arrived. She briefly considered getting to know Anton more when he came, since he was more of her "type," but ultimately decided Ray was the one for her. The two hit it off quickly, and soon became one of the strongest couples in the villa — even if Ray’s protective mother was skeptical of Caro’s past on the show. But Ray reassured the cameras that his family will come around eventually, and fall for Caro just as much as he has.

In the meantime, stay glued to Caro and Ray’s social media for relationship updates. After several weeks in the beautiful (albeit rainy) paradise of Fiji, it’s going to be a difficult adjustment back into the real world, particularly because they live on opposite sides of the U.S. According to their official Love Island bios, Ray lives in New Jersey and Caro lives in Los Angeles. So the reality of the situation is that if they’re going to stay together, they’ll either need to commit to long distance (and save up some money for all those plane tickets back and forth), or one of them will have to move. That will be tough, especially since both of them are students. Also according to their bios, Caro is a marketing student and Ray studies biology and sociology. That being said, Ray is also a promoter, so it seems like a move to Los Angeles wouldn’t be entirely out of the question for him.

For now, all fans can hope for is that they try – and we can celebrate the love they found on Love Island. They had a late start, but a true connection that’s one for the books.

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