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Woman confronts man at gym who called her ‘dumb c***’ as she wouldnt move

Nov 25, 2021

A woman has exposed a gym-goer for allegedly calling her a "dumb c***" when he walked over and asked her to move aside.

Anastasia Alexander confronted the man for his rude comment when she was working out at the Equinox gym in Bond Street, New York City, on Tuesday (November 16).

In the video she shared on TikTok, she walks over to the stretching area and talks to a man who is seen stretching his hamstring.

"What was it that you said? Did you just call me a dumb c***?" Anastasia asks him.

And he replies: "I just said you should move over to the side. Let's just drop it."

She quickly hits back, telling him: "I was here before you even walked over."

The bodybuilder further explained that the man made the comment because she was in "a stretching spot he wanted".

"I was there maybe five to ten minutes before he came over, he comes over, asks me I’d move somewhere else," she said, adding that she told him "no" because she was there first and suggested he move.

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The man apparently called her a "dumb c***" as he walked away.

Viewers told Anastasia to report the man to the staff, which may get his membership revoked.

One said: "If he allegedly said that, he should be asked to leave. That's such a disrespect to call any women that."

A second noted: "That is the filthiest word you can call a woman."

"Gyms should really have separate sections for men and women," a third wrote.

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