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Woman horrified after finding out sofa she sold for £350 is worth £14,000

Jan 6, 2022

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A woman who sold her sofa for a few hundred pounds was left gutted when she discovered it might be worth thousands more.

In a TikTok video, user Jules Schreiner @julesschreiner says she thought she'd made a good deal after flogging an old sofa for $500 (£350) on Facebook Marketplace.

But after she sold the sofa – which she'd gotten for free – she noticed the savvy buyer posted about it on Instagram and said he believed it was a "Vladimir Kagan" design.

The iconic mid-century designer was inducted into the Interior Designer Hall of Fame in 2009 and predictably, his items are not light on the wallet.

Jules, from Carpentersville, Illinois, says she found a very similar Kagan sofa being sold online for $20,000 (£14,000) and is now distraught she didn't research the piece more before selling.

In the caption, Jules added: "Thought I had got a great deal on FB market place but ya know things are always too good to be true."

The video was watched thousands of times and many viewers were sympathetic about the blunder.

One viewer commented: "My mum used to work for a high-end brand, I didn't know about when I searched it up I was like no way."

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Another person wrote: "Ok so from now on, we are going to look for name brands on the things we buy ok?

"LOL then we are going to Google them."

Someone else reassured her: "It's only worth that much if someone is willing to pay.

"I think you made out just fine getting $500 for a discoloured old couch."

Meanwhile, other people said the image recognition software Google Lens was useful for finding out if you own something designer that has hidden value.

This comes after a woman was stunned to discover her incense burner was worth around £15,000 after getting it valued by an expert.

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