When Charlotte wanted a new mirror for her cousin’s first home, she decided she didn’t need to buy something new.

She already had a large mirror with a wooden frame that would fit – but it was a little drab.

So for just £36, she transformed it into an ornate style frame, making it look much more expensive than it was.

Posting on Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, she revealed how she bought the appliqués on eBay and attached them to the frame before painting the whole thing in silver paint from Wilko.

She added one to each corner and a large decorative one in the centre at the top.

She said: ‘Revamped this mirror for my cousin’s first home. Such and easy way to change furniture instead of repurchasing.

‘I painted a couple of coats, filled in any wood notches and sanded, painted the appliqués and glued them on. Hope this inspires someone to DIY an old peice of furniture during lockdown.

‘The results are amazing and are a lot cheaper compared to purchasing a french antique looking mirror.’

Explaining the costs of the project, she said she paid £6 for the paint from Wilko, £18.95 for the large appliqué on eBay and £10.95 for the smaller ones.

She also used wood filler and glue, which she already had at home but said it wouldn’t cost much if you needed to buy some.

Others were impressed by the transformation.

One person said: ‘Wow thats amazing i have a mirror just like this, great idea!!!’

Another added: ‘You’ve just given me the idea as my mirror is just plain wood. Thanks.’

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