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Womans raunchy hen do dance on table ends in disaster as she smashes light

Oct 25, 2021

The common phrase of "you break it, you buy it" applies in almost every setting imaginable.

And for one woman, it seems that a raunchy table dance during a hen weekend is going to end up costing her the price of a new light fitting.

DJ Wayne David posted a video on Twitter shown to him by one of his fans.

The five-second clip shows the woman on the table doing some kind of downward dog-style dancing pose.

But she then flicks her head back and and ends up smashing straight into a very large, discoball-shaped hanging light.

What followed next was a rather large and toe-curling shattering sound as the large ball crashed down around her.

The DJ posted the video along with the words: "A girl from a hen party who came to drag brunch today showed us this video from their Airbnb last night and I’ve watched it 763,876 times and I am deceased deceased deceased."

The incident has been watched more than 25,000 times, with DJ Wayne David making several comical remix versions of early 2000s classics with the clip added in whenever the beat drops.

Airbnb's own rules on what happens when a guest breaks an item are unclear, but does request that the property owner try and negotiate with the person staying there.

The website states: "If your guest agrees to the amount you requested, we'll release your payout in 5-7 business days.

"If your guest declines or doesn't respond within 72 hours, click contact us about your Resolution Centre case. If we need more information about the damaged or missing items, you'll have 72 hours to provide it.

"We'll make sure you and your guest are represented fairly, and if we determine you're owed money, we'll send it to you in a separate payout."

We're not sure if the woman in question was the "hen" on the hen-do, but either way, that is going to be one very expensive table dance.

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