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Woman’s urgent warning after peeing while dyeing hair – to create ‘mustard gas’

Jun 9, 2021

A woman has made an urgent warning not to pee in the shower while dyeing your hair after claiming she accidentally made "mustard gas".

TikTok user Kate @simonsays122 says she was "nearly dying" in a dramatic reenactment of her hair dye disaster that she claims left her struggling to breathe on the bathroom floor.

Kate says: "So the first time I was ever dyeing my hair, I was dyeing it red and I got in the shower and did all the stuff and then I peed because I gotta pee.

"And then I start getting so dizzy and I'm seeing stars and I could not see and I could not function."

Kate claims she looked it up and believed to have accidentally made "mustard gas" by mixing her urine with hair dye, although this is unlikely.

She says: "It can blister your lungs and basically kill you

"I had a hard time breathing and I got out the shower butt-naked and I go and I lay on the floor like this…"

Kate then shows herself lying down on the floor next to the toilet groaning and gasping for breath.

She continues: "I lay there for like 20 minutes and then I got up and s*** a lot, sorry TMI.

"I literally thought I was going to die, my heart rate was so slow… so basically, don't do this."

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The video was liked more than 1.8 million times and Kate joked in the caption: "I didn't even think to open the door or like call for help."

One person wrote: "I'm glad you explained because I would have done it."

"I thought it was a joke at first," said someone else.

A more skeptical viewer said: "It shouldn't be so easy to make mustard gas how is anyone still alive at this point?"

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"The way I've done this multiple times and only not died out of pure luck I guess," wrote another.

Urine contains ammonia which, when mixed with bleach (sodium hypochlorite) can create chloramine gas which is harmful when inhaled.

But hair dye contains hydrogen peroxide rather than sodium hypochlorite and urine only contains a small amount of ammonia so there's no need to worry about making "mustard gas".

It is important to remember to avoid mixing cleaning bleach with ammonia because the gas can kill in large volumes.

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