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You Can Rent An Apollo 11 Spaceship Off Airbnb For Only $60 A Night

Jun 26, 2019

Ever dreamt of getting to spend time in a spaceship, but found that whole must-go-to-space part of the deal made it less appealing? Good news: there’s an Apollo 11 spaceship available to rent on Airbnb. And instead of working for NASA and heading to outer space, all you have to do is book it through the site and go to New Zealand — no qualifications or space training necessary. Located in Pukaki, Canterbury, New Zealand, this standalone Apollo 11 replica built by Airbnb host Peter, is in the mountainous South Island region of New Zealand, and according to happy guests, it looks and feels every bit legit.

This is incredible home is surrounded by turquoise lakes, snow-capped mountains and grassy plains — a real New Zealand flex if you ask me. Honestly, the location that this space ship is stationed might be more beautiful and more interesting than anything you’d see in outer space. Oh, and your main view just so happens to be the highest mountain in New Zealand, Mount Cook — an attraction all of its own. So, if you’re thinking about traveling to the area to hike or see the sights, this is most definitely a creative place to stay in lieu of the more touristy mountain view lodges.

The replica space ship has a clear Perspex roof that you can view the stars through at night and the mountain during the day. Though the space ship is small, it has everything you might need, like a toilet, shower, sink, heat, air conditioning, fridge, microwave, bed, and breakfast table. It’s not luxe, sure, but it has modern comforts — and it’s a spaceship. (That said, guests did mention slow WiFi, so bring your own booster or hot spot if you need guaranteed service.)

Aka, if you were planning on camping or renting a cabin in this area, this will be a few steps up, accommodation wise. Plus, there’s a BBQ outside, so you can grill and cook more elaborately on the grassy "yard." And while this might look like it’s literally in the middle of nowhere, it’s close to town so you can refill your groceries easily, while still being close to the mountain trails, making it pretty perfectly situated. According to happy guests, the location is one of the best things about it, especially if you want to explore the town of Twizel, too.

Airbnb has tons of unique accommodations, but this spaceship listing may be one of the best if we’re judging by the 166 glowing reviews from guests who were more than satisfied with the otherworldly digs. Reviews feature very encouraging remarks like "an unforgettable experience" and "I couldn’t imagine staying anywhere else in the Mackenzie Region" and "coolest place ever stayed at" and "incredible stargazing" which makes it easy to see why so many people have already stayed in this unique home. For only roughly $60 a night, I can’t really think of a reason why anyone camping or looking to lodge in the area would choose to stay anywhere else.

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