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Youve been boiling eggs wrong– chef says you can make shells pop off easily

Apr 20, 2022

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A chef has revealed her professional tip to make sure your eggshells effortlessly slide off every time you fancy a boiled egg.

Kathleen Ashmore says it's about using the right cooking method so that the egg white naturally shrinks away from the shell.

In a TikTok video, she says: "Chef tip! I haven't hard-boiled an egg in 10 years.

"The hot steam makes the egg white proteins contract, pulling away from the shell membrane. 12-14 minutes does the job!"

Kathleen shows herself steaming eight brown chicken eggs in a metal basket and then the flawless result.

Every egg is perfectly cooked and doesn't have a single dent from tricky peeling.

The video was watched more than 140,000 times and people were very impressed, with many saying it was already a favourite cooking hack.

One said: "I do 11 mins and they are perfectly hard! Best way ever to do them!"

A second shared: "I steam mine for 16. I use spaghetti insert in my stockpot. Maybe that's the difference."

Someone else reckoned they had a way to make sure the egg would peel easily, commenting: "Just keep the eggs at room temperature.

"Boil, cool, crack and they'll peel easily."

It's much easier to boil older eggs, prompting one viewer to ask: "Have you tried it with fresh eggs?"

Another viewer added: "I haven’t had boiled eggs in ages because I only have fresh eggs. I need to know this."

While fresh eggs are the best for poaching, old eggs tend to peel much easier if you want to boil them.

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And if you want to make your own Yorkshire puds, here is how to get the better just perfect.

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