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Are Drake And Kahwi Leonard Friends?

Jun 23, 2019

Canadian-born artist Drake is not one to forget his roots and where he came from. In the past several years, he has often shown massive support for his hometown’s basketball team, the Toronto Raptors. Drake is even known to hang out with the players from time to time.

One such player that seems to have a special relationship with Drake is Kawhi Leonard, the Raptors’ new star. A lot of fans are definitely curious about whether Drake and Kawhi Leonard are actually friends or not. It’s a bit of a confusing situation for outside observers, so let’s take a look at what we know.

Drake has a close relationship with the Toronto Raptors team

Since 2013, Drake has been the Toronto Raptors’ global ambassador. He is often seen sitting courtside at Raptors games to cheer on the team as well as taunt opposing players. His popularity and powerful social media following have made more people tune in to basketball games and helped the Raptors become a recognizable brand name around the world.

Being a rapper, Drake has also name-dropped the Raptors into his lyrics several times throughout the years.

Additionally, he is close to several players on the team. Drake was recently seen partying with them in Las Vegas after the Toronto Raptors won the NBA Finals for the first time. They were also spotted taking his plane to fly back to Toronto later on.

Drake has made jokes about Kawhi Leonard


Drake continued to show how friendly he was with the players when he was spotted on social media joking about Leonard, who joined the team last year.

Back in December, Drake posted a photo of himself and Leonard for the first time. In the black-and-white picture, the two men posed with no emotions, but Drake captioned it with a smiley face emoji.

In May 2019, Drake celebrated Leonard’s amazing buzzer beater that allowed the team to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals by sharing the iconic photograph of Leonard squatting as he watched his shot in anticipation. “Weezy for the win #2,” Drake said in the caption.

Several basketball friends of the rapper began commenting on the picture, but Drake’s response to one friend, in particular, got many fans talking.

Lou Williams, who used to play for the Toronto Raptors a few seasons ago, said to Drake: “This pic hard,” to which Drake responded, “I might do a freestyle just to use this pic as the art.”

Many onlookers could not help but wonder whether Drake is serious or not. Given the fact that he has made tributes to Toronto athletes before in his music, it wouldn’t be a complete shocker for him to also celebrate Leonard’s spectacular moment by using the photo as album art.

Are Drake and Kawhi Leonard really friends?

Drake has much respect for what Leonard has brought to the Toronto Raptors. However, it’s unclear whether the two of them consider each other friends or not.

They definitely have very different personalities. Drake is known to put his feelings and emotions out there a lot, whether it is through his songs or on the courtside as he watches the Raptors play. The rapper also seems to enjoy being in the spotlight and having many admirers on social media.

On the contrary, Leonard is perceived to be quite emotionless at times. His shy personality often means that he keeps to himself more and does not go around seeking attention from other people. The 27-year-old forward even shared that he does not have social media accounts.

The fact that they are quite different from each other has made some fans believe that they could be feuding. During a game against the Golden State Warriors a few weeks ago, many people watching thought that Leonard snubbed Drake by ignoring his high-five.

However, it doesn’t seem that there is bad blood between the two stars at all. In fact, USA Today pointed out that, upon closer inspection, it just looks as if Drake held up his hand to put his phone on the table next to him, not to high-five Leonard.

The fact that Leonard was one of the players partying with Drake after their big win means that the two of them are definitely buddies to a degree.

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