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Billy Connolly shares he got help after stranger thought star had Parkinsons

Dec 1, 2021

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Sir Billy Connolly has opened up about how he first came to terms with his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis, which he was unaware of until it was pointed out to him.

The 79-year-old comedian has become a beloved national treasure throughout his comic career but one thing the Scottish star didn’t think he would tackle was Parkinson’s.

He was first diagnosed with the degenerative disease back in 2013 and as his condition progressed, Billy made the decision to retire from performing live.

With the support of his wife Dr Pamela Stephenson Connolly, the comedian has even agreed to producing a TV documentary about his life and career.

The comedian has been happily married to 71-year-old Pamela for more than 30 years who has been helping him throughout his medical journey.

Billy said at the time: “The challenges lately have been medical. They are getting worse.

“I will have to weigh it up and see how bad it gets. Play it by ear.”

One of the main things the Scott has confessed recently is that his hands now shake so much due to the disease that his handwriting has become completely illegible.

When he first learned of the condition, Billy said he was approached at a hotel after tripping over a pavement outside the establishment.

He recalled how the man told him: “I have been watching you come in and out, and you have the gait of a person with Parkinson’s, I would see my doctor if I was you.”

But he hasn’t let his illness get the better of him as he recently shared that he is still in good form when it comes to joking about his life.

While recording his new audiobook Windswept & Interesting, the comic couldn’t help but make some jokes about his sex life.

In a clip posted by his wife, Pamela sighed: “Billy’s talking about me again.”

To which he replied: “My wife’s a sexologist – a rather limiting subject, I think. How can you study something that only lasts seven seconds?

“My own sexual demands are extremely simple: I like the missionary position – standing in a cook pot wearing a safari suit, looking towards Africa. Is that too much to ask??!”

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