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Blueface Says He’s Not ‘Mad’ After Sister Disses Him on Freestyle Track

Jul 24, 2019

In a video that she shares on Instagram, Kali can be seen spitting bars about how her rapper brother should have just continued playing football because he can’t rap.

AceShowbizBlueface‘s sister Kali has turned to music to keep her feud with the rapper alive. Taking to Instagram on Monday night, July 22, she uploaded a preview video of her spitting a few bars that were actually a diss aimed at Blueface.

In the video, Kali suggested that her brother should have continued playing football rather than being a rapper because he couldn’t rap and make another hit. “Since you was good at throwing footballs, guess you throwing shots/ You my little brother, I don’t care about your buss/ Guess since you a crip, you don’t care about your blood,” she spitted. Dragging his manager Wack 100, she rapped that he’s “not the only one that’s wack” in their business relationship.

Hours after she posted the video on Instagram, Blueface stopped by “The Breakfast Club” to address their family drama. During the interview, the “Thotiana” hitmaker stressed that he bares no ill will towards his sister and mother even though she created a diss track about him. “I’m not tripping on them. I’m not mad at all. I’m not really a good grudge holder,” he said.

His feud with Kali and their mother started after he kicked them out of his mansion, something that his mother recorded on Instagram Live. Things only went down the hill after that, with the three dissing each other on Instagram.

Explaining the issue during his appearance on “The Breakfast Club”, Blueface said, “I introduced them to the new girls… they not sure how to feel about the two girlfriends… [The argument] had nothing really to do with that that’s just what the media made it out to be. The media do strange things. The [Instagram] live is what really blew it off the top.”

Elsewhere during the interview, Blueface confirmed that he had broken up with his second girlfriend. However, he is still dating his baby mama.

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