Love's in the air!

On Friday, Daya introduced her girlfriend of three years, Clyde Munroe, on Instagram, sharing a compilation of photos and videos on Instagram and confirming that her new track "Bad Girl" is about her.

"For those wondering who I wrote this song about, this is Clyde," Daya, 22, wrote. "We've been dating for 3 years now. She's my best friend and my whole world. I'm so lucky."

Fans and celebrity friends alike were quick to send congratulatory comments to the couple. (Daya came out as bisexual in 2018.)

"obsessed," wrote Fletcher.

"power couple alert‼️," commented singer Max Leone.

Last month, the singer told PEOPLE that her new track "Bad Girl" was inspired by Clyde. (She also directed Daya's live performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!)

"All my songs take from real-life experiences but I add a bit of fantasy to them," she said then.

"I think it truly shows that arc of my sexuality and me as a person and everything," she added. "It's about finding myself for the past five years, it feels like this full circle in a weird way."

Talking to PEOPLE, the singer also revealed that her time away from the spotlight following her breakout tracks "Don't Let Me Down" and "Hide Away," allowed her to find herself.

"Things were going so fast when I was younger," she said. "I just didn't fully know what I wanted when I started and I'm so grateful for that time and getting my foot in the door."

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