I’ve seen the reviews and tweets, and of course, they were all quick to lambast the camera quality, dark set, irritating sound issues – observations I made and pointed out on Twitter too.

However, I recognised GB News is a startup, an organisation that has employed journalists, crew, builders, and is in the process of providing a voice for Brits that feel the mainstream media doesn’t reflect views outside of London.

There were bound to be teething issues and one can expect over the weeks they will be rectified. What really matters is the journalism and the presenters that provide their own personality and flair to each of their programmes, and importantly, discussions that can take place without feeling judged or marginalised.

I’ve had it with the likes of BBC’s Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty sneering at ministers because they’ve displayed the Union Flag. We should all be proud of our country, its history and heritage that make us great.

GB News is a platform where I would feel comfortable advocating my patriotism, without being made to feel jingoistic or even xenophobic. It’s a safe space for all of us to talk about the issues that matter, whether you live in Doncaster or Dagenham.

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I’m shocked brands such as IKEA, Octopus Energy, Dutch beer Grolsch, and others have decided to pull their adverts from the network.

Why? They’re concerned the channel’s content would go against their aims to be inclusive.

I can’t see how open and honest conversations about news in this country could possibly contravene their missions to be “inclusive”.

As Andrew Neil pointed out on Twitter, IKEA have no legs to stand on after their French CEO was given a two-year suspended sentence for spying on staff.

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Maybe they need a review of their own values, starting from the top, before calling out Ofcom-regulated GB News on their principles.

Let’s be completely honest, it’s the illiberally liberal, woke snowflakes of Twitter and broadsheet readership that are scared of a platform that champions open discussion that could be offensive and controversial; talking points that might be upsetting; and guests that could be questionable. But if we’re ever going to move forward in society, topics need to be talked about, whether they’re offensive or not.

No point in a censorious media that barely covers what real people think, or merely an elite bubble that dictates the news agenda.

When it comes to the presenters, most of them are pretty good. Some familiar faces and others who have just started their media career.

I particularly enjoy Neil Oliver, who before GB News might’ve been popular with my grandmother. His calming and rational style of presenting is a pleasure to watch and I look forward to seeing more of him.

I’ve also enjoyed Simon McCoy, known for his witty quips on BBC, he seems to be relishing in his new role and the Good News segment of his programme with Alex Phillips has been a delight so far.

I'm not too sure on Dan Wootton, who seems to be trying his best to embody a Fox News anchor. The style isn’t really British and can be quite exasperating listening to the teleprompter diatribes whilst shouting. Pretty hypocritical considering the same man criticised my appearance on Good Morning Britain, after I passionately clashed with an anti-vaxx commentator. I tend to avoid his evening slot.

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Saying that, I adored Lord Sugar’s appearance on the first night of Tonight Live as he quickly slammed Wootton’s question over whether he would "take the knee", which Sugar called a “stupid bl***y question”.

Regardless, some presenters will stay and some will go.

My concerns aren’t going to impact the long-term success of the network.

The channel and its on-air team will evolve overtime, but crucially it’s a space that doesn’t pretend, doesn’t mess around, and a breath of fresh air on telly we’ve all been asking for.

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