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Hiatus Kaiyote Meet Their Haunted House Alter Egos in New 'Canopic Jar' Video

Oct 29, 2021

Melbourne-based band Hiatus Kaiyote have released a very Halloween-appropriate video for their single, “Canopic Jar.”

The clip, directed by Grey Ghost (real name Jeremy Korn), pairs the eerie, lurching, but still soulful song with a journey through a surreal hoof horrors. Hiatus Kaiyote kick back in a slow-moving roller coaster car, sipping sodas and munching popcorn as they gawk at all manner of bizarre figures — who also double as each band members’ alter ego — from mermaids in martini glasses to werewolves shredding the guitar. 

“Halloween is my happy place and seeing as we have a Halloween release for ‘Canopic Jar’, it was only right to take a spooky ghost train ride with the visuals,” singer/guitarist Nai Palm said in a statement. “Our manager Si came up with the concept, and director Grey Ghost (auspicious name, yes…haha) brought it to life with the help of an amazing art department and crew. We all got to choose our alter egos. Anyone who stepped foot on set got roped into being a ghoul or spider monster, etc.”

Grey Ghost added, “I liked the idea of creating something that felt more like comic book halloween than all out scary shit. I’ve always wanted to give a nod to all my favorites in one jam while giving a whole new spin on things, this one was a tip of the cap to Lynch, Burton, Hype Williams, Beastie Boys and The Mighty Boosh.”

Hiatus Kaiyote releasd “Canopic Jar” earlier this month as a standalone single. The track arrived a few months after the June release of the group’s third album, Mood Valiant, which in turn marked their album in six years, following 2015’s Choose Your Weapon.

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