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Inside Corrie Curtis Delamere star Sam Retfords second career as film producer

Dec 7, 2021

Coronation Street star Sam Retford might have become more known as Curtis Delamere on the cobbles – but acting isn't his only career.

He actually has a rather more secret side to him, where his talents lie in film production – and he even has a film company with two other creatives, Neil Ely and Lloyd Eyre-Morgan.

Before coming to the ITV soap, fans might have known Sam for his role as Cory Wilson in Ackley Bridge, or even his 2021 role in Death In Paradise. But he's also had rather more low-key roles in his own flicks.

Dubbed S.A.M., the film is centred around two men who find a connection on the swings of their local park. It debuted on Channel 4 and is available to stream on All4.

The trio have also come up with a Nazi-inspired zombie movie called White Wedding, released in 2021 – and it appears their talents aren't stymied by genre boundaries.

Speaking to Daily Star and other publications, actor Sam explained: "We're just a really creative bunch of people. We endeavour to make social commentary films, films that tell stories.

"We do everything. We build the sets, we write it, shoot it, grade it, all of the stuff. We've even got an original song in [White Wedding] by Eliot Kennedy, the guy who did the music for the Spice Girls, so that's really exciting."

Sam added: "It's a pretty crazy Nazi horror, sci-fi, just mental film. It's got everything – it’s got animation, it’s got musical [numbers], it’s got a zombie.

"I’m constantly creating, I'm super lucky to just be surrounded by people and have a life where I'm fortunate enough to just make stuff all the time."

So how did Sam turn to acting?

He explained: "I didn’t see acting as a career in a sense, I didn’t know you could just do it. I liked doing fringe plays in Manchester, performing little two-man shows in the back of pubs and stuff, and then I just fell in love with it.

"And I couldn’t really do anything else! So I dropped out of college and just started working, I wanted to live. I really enjoyed it and enjoyed the community, so I'd do 'Muggle' jobs and work in call centres and do manual labouring and stuff, and then in the evenings I'd go and do plays, and mess around with actors and parts and stuff.

"Then I got very lucky – I got an agent, and she was amazing, really nurturing. She got me a job on Ackley Bridge and I did that for an amazing three years, and in between I was doing other jobs when we weren’t shooting, plays and stuff like that.

"And the rest… I've just been really lucky to work, it’s had a really lovely momentum and I’ve worked with some amazing people. I booked Corrie and now here we are!"

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