This Morning presenter Josie Gibson has revealed that she has dropped a whopping ten pounds in just under a month after dramatically changing her lifestyle during lockdown.

The former Big Brother winner has been open about her weight struggles over the years, often yo-yoing since her appearance on the reality TV show.

Now, the TV star determined to stick to her goals, citing her two-year-old son Reggie as the reason.

In a new interview, Josie shared: "I’m down ten pounds already. I’m quite big so obviously it comes off quicker.

"The thing is it’s not only about the weight for me. I feel great. I feel so good!

"I’m making foods from as much zero points (on Weight Watchers) as I can," she told The Sun.

Explaining that she was eating a lot of stodgy carbs before her latest health drive, Josie said the difference the new plan has made to her energy has given her a new lease of life.

"I can get up and go. I’m actually waking up in the morning with a spring in my step – it’s been great, and I’m faster," she said.

Tipping the scales at just 17 stone was a huge wake-up call for Josie, who revealed her goal is to slim down to a size 12.

Reaching 16st 9 was a pivotal moment, and the star knew something had to change if she was going to be the mum she wanted to be.

"For me it was because my two-year-old is getting so fast, so it’s just about catching him. I couldn’t catch him – he was running away from me, and I was struggling to keep up with him."

After winning Big Brother in 2010, Josie carried on her bad eating habits for another two years, when she vowed to change after the shock of seeing pictures of herself on a beach.

The presenter went from a size 20 to a tiny size 8, and was barely recognisable after shedding six stone over the course of a year, using a strict diet and exercise to reach her goals.

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Unfortunately the rapid weight loss left Josie with 6lbs of excess skin, prompting Josie to undergo surgery to remove it.

The next few years saw Josie continue to struggle with maintaining her weight loss, citing her new romance with Reggie’s dad Terry as the reason at the time.

The pair split four months after the star gave birth, and Josie managed to shift two stone post-pregnancy after she admitted she’d “lost control” of her eating habits.

Now the presenter is happier than ever and determined to carry on her fitness journey.

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