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Kerry Katona laughs as Ulrika Jonssons dog sniffs her privates in awkward clip

Nov 8, 2021

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Singer Kerry Katona accidentally captured a red faced moment as she greeted Ulrika Jonsson's dog.

The 41-year-old had teamed up with the former Gladiators host, 54, at her home in Buckinghamshire for filming.

Of course, Ulrika's pet Bulldog Leo was present and very much enjoying the attention as Kerry followed him around the kitchen giving him lots of fuss.

Ulrika could be heard in the background calling the ex-Atomic Kitten star a "stalker" because she couldn't get enough of the white and tan pooch.

In a shrill and high pitched voice Kerry knelt down to tell Leo "give us kisses," adding "yes kisses".

The dog came ploughing towards her and face planted her private region for a sniff which resulted in Kerry shrieking.

She said: "No, not down there on camera," before adding: "Leo, I love you."

Kerry and Leo weren't the only twosome having fun as she joined Ulrika for a number of sizzling selfies.

In one snippet the hitmaker attempted to explain their unlikely partnership.

She said: "I'm just filming us, I'm just at Ulrika's. I won't tell you what we've been up to aye Leo.

"Shall we tell them what we've be doing?"

The Swedish presenter then came into view adding: "Tease your boyfriend."

Joining forces for another snap, Kerry poked her tongue out while Ulrika showcased what she'd been eating, which appeared to be a half-chewed chocolate.

She captioned: "Sharing Green & Blacks with @kerrykatona7."

Meanwhile, Ulrika recently stunned Instagram fans as she confessed to being barred from a bar and waking up with two random men in her home.

The Celebrity SAS star said: "About last night. There's just so much I can't remember.

"I've come home with a bruised, swollen sore wrist with scratches on it. I also have a really sore a*** from falling over."

She added: "Beau and I went out for a drink and bumped into a group of girls I've never ever met before and kind of hijacked their evening, for which I apologise, and then drank and danced and I fell over three times.

"I was drunk but I'm really s*** at balance and I got marched out by security and barred I think.

"I'm thinking this is a good result for a 54-year-old. It shows I've still got a bit of life in me."

The TV icon continued: "Also I think we got a McDonald's on the way back home. And there are two men sleeping upstairs.

"Just saying, that's what happens."

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