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Love Island star Aaron Francis says that he has "smelly b*lls* in a resurfaced video of him campaigning for an intimate hair trimmer promo video.

The star even reacted to the embarrassing advert on his YouTube channel as he looked back on his advert appearance, saying he doesn't regret doing it to his 1.2k subscribers.

In the advert, the Love Island contestant was filmed saying: "Before I had my B*lls trimmer, I had smelly b*lls all the time."

Then adding that men should "normalise" talking about hair removal in the same way that women do.

The 24-year-old luxury events worker reminisced on the modelling job and told subscribers that he felt "fresh and free down there" since becoming an ambassador for the brand.

While showing the advert on screen, Aaron explained: "So, if you know me some of you may have seen this advert on Facebook; 'Before I had my b*lls trimmer, I had smelly b*lls all the time.'

"Look it happens, you do these things, sometimes you do these types of jobs but honestly I don't regret it because you can't take life too seriously and you know what? I even became an ambassador. This is the nuts."

The hot singleton took to YouTube to defend himself against the self-declared claim, stating that he didn't have "smelly b*lls" and only said if for the advert's marketing purposes.

Holding the product to the camera, he added: "Honestly, it's not the branding for me personally, it's not really my style but look, I'm not keeping the box. It just looks clean, pristine…

"Keeping it clean down there for some reason is just so embarrassing for us guys. Girls will talk about waxing or whatever openly all the time like they'll just chat about it casually like it's just anything and you know what it kind of is.

"Guys would never do that but look I reckon it's time to change that. We just need to normalise it.

"You've all thought about sorting it out, but we all know that even the lightest tap can put us in some serious pain so it's like do we want to take the risk of nipping it, getting a little cut, because it's too sensitive, it's too much of a risk.

"You're wrong, I've got the solution, and it's a b*lls trimmer. Everything is feeling fresh down there, I'm feeling free."

In true wannabe influencer style, Aaron then revealed his code for fans to get money off when buying the trimmer and asked them to subscribe to his channel.

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