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Love Islands Laura Whitmore says fixation on her unfair, exhausting and tough

Aug 13, 2022

Laura Whitmore has described the spotlight on her hosting Love Island as “exhausting and tough” because the series gets so much attention.

The Irish presenter has fronted the hit show since 2020, after the tragic death of her friend Caroline Flack.

Laura labelled the focus on her “unfair”, especially on social media where being a woman is “scary”, arguing that men don’t get treated the same way and said she has to remove herself or “go crazy”.

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Laura, 37, revealed: “Do you know what? With stuff with Love Island, it’s just a bit exhausting sometimes because some of the stuff is just mental.

“And also, as a host, this takes up not a huge amount of my time compared to my other work. It’s over eight weeks. The host only comes on three or four times, it’s always been the way, but it gets the most attention.

“And it’s a bit exhausting and it’s tough. You know what’s hard? I’ve seen other women talked about online the way I’ve been talked about online.

“I saw when Caroline worked on the show what she got every year – every year – and I never knew how she handled it. I always thought, ‘Jesus, she’s so strong.’ And people aren’t as strong as you think they are.

“So it’s scary when you kind of start, you get the exact same stuff that she got like, ‘Where’s the presenter? They’re never in there.’

“I get that some of it you have to take with a pinch of salt, but then some of it is a bit exhausting.”

The Celebrity Juice star told the Distraction Pieces podcast that she believes women are picked on more than men in showbiz.

She explained: “I’m very aware that not everyone gets talked about in the same way. It’s very specific people in this industry that get talked about that way.

“I know I’ve been talked about a bit differently whenever I was single to then suddenly having a child.

“My male co-presenters – I was always talked about what I was wearing when I started working – no one’s talking about what they’re wearing. They’re not getting this.

“I’m doing my job, that’s the most important thing and I’m doing my job well and I’m being professional.

“Meanwhile, the outside world will talk about how you look, what you’re wearing, who you’re dating, do you have a child, should you be doing this and all these things are talked about constantly.

“And you have to remove yourself or you’ll just go crazy after a while.

“But I see my male counterparts not being talked about in the same way and that’s hard and unfair.”


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