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Love Island’s Toby Aromoloran says he’s ‘not scared’ to step on anyone’s toes

Jun 28, 2021

Love Island 2021 contestant Toby Aromoloran has opened up on what he hopes to achieve on this year's series and from the looks of it, nothing at all will stop him from finding his perfect match.

The young lad who says he's never had a girlfriend in the past, confessed that he is certainly not afraid of stepping on anyone's toes to get the girl of his dreams.

Speaking to Daily Star and other associated press, the 22-year-old gave insight into how he makes the first move and what he won't be afraid to do if he sees a girl he likes.

The Love Island hunk said: "I'm more of a laid back of approach, I really don't like when people do that muscling stuff. If she really likes you she will gravitate towards you at the end of the day."

Love Island is known to get quite awkward when two or more people like the same person. So when asked whether he would be scared to step on anyone's toes if this potentially happens, Toby made sure to tell us he definitely would not be.

Toby declared: "I'm not scared, I'm not scared no. What's there to be scared about, you know. You've got to live your life."

Despite this, Toby is ready to find a girlfriend and hopes to leave with one at the end of the show. He also said he hasn't thought about have sex on the show yet because he's more focused on finding his ideal woman.

When asked what he would like to achieve while on the show, Toby said: "A girlfriend. If I get a girlfriend then Love Island have done their job and I'm lucky enough to that. "

We also asked the star about his best chat up lines and what he says when he meets a girl that he likes for the first time. Toby who has never had a girlfriend before said he tries to keep it simple.

He joked: "Hi. My name's Toby. It's simple and it works.

Although this may be his first time trying to find love on a serious level, the Essex chap is happy for his family and friends to see him getting intimate on TV.

Toby said: "I would love to be a fly on the wall while my grandparents are watching. That would be great."

Before embarking on his journey into Love Island, Toby played for Hashtag United Football Club in Essex. The young star said he can't wait to go back to playing football and he's missing it at the moment.

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