• Tue. Sep 28th, 2021

Madonna, 62, parades ageless curves as she wows in teeny denim hot pants for BBQ

Jul 26, 2021

Madonna has shared an insight into her family gatherings on Instagram.

Treating her 16.2million followers to a fun-filled visual party the popstar pulled out all the stops.

She captioned the series of ten pictures with: “Family BBQ ………………. @customairstream @ahla_malik”

The 62-year-old also used hotdog emojis in the caption for the series of pictures.

Wearing tiny miu miu daisy duke denim shorts and a tight white long sleeve top the singer showed off her enviable figure.

She accessorised with a cowboy hat in one shot and large black sunglasses in another and finished off her BBQ outfit with white high heels.

Her first pose was her holding a hotdog in cheetah print gloves and a huge cowboy hat that she made look sensual.

Another pose saw Madonna grilling a hot dog and buns on a BBQ.

The mother-of-six has previously said she wants to embrace farming culture as she has posted videos from on her 58 acre Hamptons estate, which she bought from Kelly Klein.

The stars other poses were with a silver stream caravan, laying on a giant pink flamingo lilo and with other models.

Madonna had her boyfriend, Ahlamalik Williams, 27, in the pictures, who is a dancer from LA.

The pair are believed to have started dating in 2018 but were first seen together in 2019 leaving one of Madonna's concerts together which led fans to believe that they were officially dating.

She also had her twin daughters, Estere and Stella in the shots with the silver airstream in the background.

On her Instagram story the Material Girl hitmaker had more shots of her on a dirtbike in heels, lighting a joint with a large lighter, her laying on deckchairs, and captioned all the posts with ‘Trailer trash.’

She had worked with many artists on the shoot as she tagged five in the first shot, many of which use conceptual, bold styles came through in the images.

The shoot look polished and well-thought through as someone commented: “Vanity Fair ‘92 vibes.”

Fans loved the shoot saying: “AAAAAAARRR OH MY GODDEEESSSSS."

Another said: “STUNNING QUEEN”

They could not keep their eyes off the singer as they said: “Looking good Queen”

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