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Marilyn Monroe haunting famous hotel as Donna Spangler had spooky encounter

Nov 5, 2021

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Actress Donna Spangler, 59, said she had a spooky encounter with the ghost of the film ­legend, right, which stared at her in a mirror ­before vanishing.

Donna, who was at Roosevelt Hotel on the famous Hollywood Boulevard, said: “It was about 1am and I was putting on my make-up in the mirror.

“I looked up and there was a blonde woman and she was wearing blue. And I looked around, she wasn’t there and then she was there but she dissolved. At the time, my boyfriend was talking to somebody at the front desk and I said, ‘Honey, did you see that lady?’.

“I turned around and she’s gone and she was just right here.” Donna said she did not realise it was Marilyn until months later when she watched TV show Haunted Hollywood, which claimed the ghost of Marilyn – who died from an overdose in 1962 – ­appeared in mirrors.

It's not the first time someone has been in the presence of Marilyn's spirit when staying at the hotel, which is famously claimed to be haunted by the star.

In 1929, the hotel was the site of the first Academy Awards, and even now it remains a popular location for many movie premieres with A-listers checking into the rooms during awards season.

It seems Marilyn's "ghost" doesn't hold them back, and it's often the same sighting over and over.

Vice previously reported that a worker of the hotel had claimed to have seen Marilyn's face in the mirror while cleaning the Marilyn Monroe suite, with the source adding: "She ran out of the room and never went back."

The hotel was vastly connected to Marilyn, with her very first ad being filmed there for sun tan lotion – and with some employees still rocking a version of her swimsuit, it's clear Marilyn certainly made her mark.

Marilyn well and truly made her mark prior to her death in 1962, with the actress becoming one of the most prominent women of her era.

Her death rocked fans and still remains a tragic topic today after she died at just 36 of an overdose in 1962.

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