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Michael Hutchence death 25th Anniversary – We miss him terribly

Nov 22, 2022

Kylie Minogue on relationship with Michael Hutchence in 1995

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25 years ago today, almost all of the members of INXS were in a Sydney recording studio. They were there to start preparing for the upcoming tour to promote their recent album Elegantly Wasted – the bands tenth, and their first with Polygram. It was potentially a new beginning, after taking a two-year break following a whirlwind release of albums and tours through the early 1990s. However, frontman Hutchence had also been working on his debut solo album, which he had put on hold to complete Elegantly Wasted. And then the call came through that their friend and bandmate had been found dead in his hotel room in the smart suburb of Double Bay.

In a new syndicated interview with ACM (Australian Community Media) INXS lead guitarist Tim Farriss has spoken of his reaction even now to the terrible news that his friend was gone and that he had taken his own life.

He said: “It’s one of shock, horror and pretty dramatic memories that day.”

“We miss him terribly and you often wonder what we’d be doing if he was still here, but he’s not, so there’s not much point in dwelling on that.

“I often do wonder, especially when it comes to making music. I can’t help but wonder where we’d be at.”

As a deluge of fan tributes and memories pours in on the anniversary of Hutchence’s death, Farriss explained why he thinks the band and its frontman’s extraordinary legacy have endured.

He said: “If you think about how hard we worked and how many places we played and how often, it doesn’t really surprise me,” he said.

“The big reason for that is we didn’t just play the same old kind of thing over and over. We pretty much changed continuously, so that we always offered something a bit different with each release.”

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Formed in 1977, the band had their first Australian number one hit single in 1984 with Original Sin. International success kicked off with 1985 album Listen Like Thieves and peaked with 1987’s Kick, which spawned huge hits Need You Tonight, Never Tear is Apart and New Sensation.

Hutchence quickly became almost as famous for his string of high-profile girlfriends as he did for his music. The rock star had tumultuous relationships with Kylie Minogue, Helena Christiansen, Belinda Carlisle and Paul Yates.

After a two-year affair, Yates had ended her marriage to Bob Geldoff in 1986 to be with Hutchence and their daughter Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence was born in July that year.

But Farriss also recalled how his bandmate always remained deeply passionate about one thing throughout their twenty years together. 

Farriss was one of three brothers in the band’s original line-up, alongside Jon on drums and Andrew on keyboards. The latter was the band’s main composer with Hutchence, while Kirk Pengilly completed the line-up on guitar and saxophone.

On the anniversary of his death, Farris recalled of his friend: “He used to say often that all he really wished for was that we would matter, that INXS and our music and what we created would matter.”


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