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Missed out on Lizzo? Get ticket, flights and hotel for Amsterdam gig for less than price of Olympia platinum ticket

Jul 18, 2019

Many fans were left disappointed following the general sale last Friday for tickets for Lizzo’s Olympia Theatre gig.

Given the intimate venue has a capacity of around 1200 and Lizzo is an artist whose star is very much on the rise (and who recently wowed during a storming Glastonbury set), it was inevitable that tickets would be in exceptionally high demand.

And with a batch of tickets available to fans via the Spotify pre-sale, the chances of nabbing a ticket in the general sale was even slimmer.

So, it was no surprise that tickets for The Juice singer’s first Irish date, and her one and only night in Dublin on November 10, sold out in less than a minute.

Tickets were advertised ‘from €39.50’ for the concert, but some tickets were sold via Ticketmaster as platinum tickets, with a price tag of €140. Some of these then went up for re-sale by fans via Ticketmaster for the same price.

The total price for a platinum ticket, with a service charge of €21, and a €2.50 handling fee was €163.50. For two people to see Lizzo in Dublin at that price it would be €327.

The reason for the price disparity between regular and platinum tickets is, according to Ticketmaster, because platinum tickets are priced according to “supply and demand, similar to how airline tickets and hotel rooms are sold”.

“The goal is to give the most passionate fans fair and safe access to the most in-demand tickets while allowing the artists and everyone involved in staging live events to price tickets closer to their true value,” Ticketmaster further states on their website.

While the uproar on Twitter on Friday would suggest that many people feel a price of €163.50 for just one ticket is exorbitant, the event sold out.

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For those disappointed by the inability to get a ticket, or the inability (or reluctance) to shell out that price for one solitary platinum ticket (bear in mind that you don’t get any extras compared to a regular ticket), there are other options.

Lizzo’s Cuz I Love You Too European tour takes in seven other cities in November – Paris on November 4, London on the 6th, Glasgow on November 8, Manchester on the 11th, Cologne on the 13th, Berlin on the 14th, Amsterdam on the 18th and Copenhagen on the 19th.

While tickets appear to be limited by now in some other European locations – in London and Manchester the only remaining tickets are platinum – it is possible to secure a regular ticket, flights, and hotel for one night in Amsterdam for less than the price of a platinum ticket for the Olympia gig.

A regular ticket for Lizzo’s Amsterdam concert at the AFAS Live on November 18 costs €38.08.  Flights with Ryanair on Monday 18th, returning the next day are currently €56, and you can nab a hotel room for €75 (assuming you split the cost with another person that’s just €37.50). 

That’s a total of €172.08 alone or €135.58 with another person.

Earlier this week there were tickets to the Manchester concert available for £37.50 each.  Flights with Ryanair were €40 and a stay at the Ibis would set you back €33 for a total of €115.

In Paris there are tickets for €43.30. Flights are available now for €92 and you can get a hotel room for €55. That’s around €165 if you share with another person.

Of course, there is the added inconvenience of taking a flight (of one hour and 45 minutes if you’re heading to Amsterdam) and, most likely, a day, if not two, off work.

Then again, you get to see Amsterdam, and the artist in an intimate venue. As Lizzo said herself, she’ll be in arenas next year…

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