Naomi Campbell has a secret half-brother who was once a huge 90s star.

The supermodel, 50, and rap star Richard Blackwood had previously made their family connection known in past interviews but their relationship wasn't widely spread.

In 2000, Richard, now 49, spoke openly about their relationship explaining that they were "closer when they were younger" before their parents parted ways.

The Eastenders star was just 10 and Naomi, 12, when his father Cliff married her mother Valerie.

Their marriage didn't last the test of time and they parted way seven years later.

During the peak of his music career, Richard spoke to the Guardian about his famous half-sibling.

He told the publication: "We were closer when we were younger – then my dad and her mum split up.

"She's got her life to lead, and I have my own.

"Remember, we were only together for a short space of time; our parents were together for only seven years.

"But we speak from time to time. Naomi's good people. She was a good sister for a long time. She saw me at the clubs. We still talk."

Following in his sister's famous footsteps, Richard began his own career in the spot light in 1988, landing the presenting role for Channel 5's hit dating show Singled Out.

Within a year, he was given his own programme called The Richard Blackwood show.

In 2000, the budding rap star decided to step away from his TV profession and instead gave everything to his passion which was music.

He reached number three in the UK charts with Mama Who Da Man and number 10 with Get with the Wicked and Someone There for Me.

After taking a brief step away from spotlight, he returned to BBC One as bad boy Vincent Hubbard on Eastenders.

As his soap star career began, Naomi showed loving support and followed step-brother on Twitter.

A friend of the pair told The Sun at the time: "He jokes that she may not actually watch the show but she at least keeps tabs on him and his career as one of his 26,000 followers!"

In 2018, it was announced that Richard would be leaving the soap, with much speculation he was upset with the producers.

However in an interview with So Solid Crew's Harvey, Richard set the record straight explaining that there wasn't a "bad vibe".

He said: "There was no bad vibe between me and EastEnders [about] leaving.

"It just so happened that I came to the end of my contract and they weren't going to renew it."

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