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‘Piers Morgan is who I’m A Celeb needs – golden TV’ says Ryan-Mark Parsons

Oct 30, 2020

It's been a weird week in the showbiz world, with everyone kicking off about one thing or another.

Stacey Dooley's new show This Is My House was announced, leading to a major backlash against her and the rather odd new series.

Then there was Kim Kardashian jetting off with her closest friends on private planes to an exclusive, private island to celebrate her 40th birthday.

And then the rumoured I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! line-up was leaked after a bunch of famous faces were spotted attending a photo shoot thought to be for the show.

The names were of the usual ilk, but some people have been left fearing the show might be appealing to an older audience a little too much.

In this week's exclusive Daily Star Online column, The Apprentice star Ryan-Mark Parsons has his say on it all.

Stacey Dooley’s dogged defence

Stacey Dooley has fought back against the online trolls, who have slammed the broadcaster following an announcement by the BBC about a new show Dooley will be hosting.

It will see four people walk into a home and claim it belongs to them, and a celebrity panel will need to work out who the real homeowner is.

I’m sure it’s safe to assume Gemma Collins will be taking part, and with her brains on the celeb panel, they’re going to struggle.

It sounds ridiculous, almost like a Channel 5 commission and I have no idea why Stacey Dooley has agreed to this?

I like her – intelligent and relatively humble – and all of the documentaries she’s presented have been very insightful and well-made.

But this? It just discredits her and the BBC. It’s embarrassing.

It seems many users agree with my judgement on this, in fact attacking Dooley for her role in the show.

However, she defended herself against online attacks, questioning "why [Twitter] is so unkind".

Calls for sympathy are pointless on Twitter, as people don’t care and say things for attention.

They’re baseless and meaningless, and celebs ought to know this, especially with her platform.

Regardless, let’s hope there are some dignified shows on the horizon for her – this show doesn’t do anyone favours.

I’m A Celeb rumours

  • I'm A Celebrity unveils new logo in huge shake-up for series in haunted Welsh castle

I’m A Celeb is approaching and most of the stars have confirmed their appearances publicly and it’s not terrible this year, despite my early fears.

The biggest tip-off is definitely Mo Farah, the Olympic champion is in talks to enter the Welsh castle later this year in his first reality TV appearance.

He will pretty much be the Caitlyn Jenner of 2020, but more boring.

  • Olivia Attwood wants to surprise fans by getting hands dirty on I'm A Celebrity

Why do they book athletes?

Mo Farah is fantastic at running, no-one is questioning that.

Personality-wise, I’m already starting to fall asleep thinking about it.

We really want personalities like Lady C, Katie Hopkins, Piers Morgan: bold, argumentative and golden television.

He’s likely to join Shane Richie, Vernon Kay, Victoria Derbyshire and Keith Duffy, what an amazing line-up for my 51 year-old mother.

  • Bobby Ball's I'm A Celeb journey remembered – from spider bites to separation from Tommy Cannon

I’ve barely watched these stars on TV, and I’m worried ITV bosses may marginalise their younger audience.

Bosses ought to target YouTube talent and some younger stars to reinvigorate a format which is becoming exceptionally tired.

Nevertheless, I do love the show and it captures millions of viewers every year.

Let’s see what happens when Ant and Dec head into the jungle — sorry, I mean forest.

Kim Kardashian’s private getaway

  • Kim Kardashian risks further backlash as she shares more snaps from controversial trip

Get over yourselves, come on!

We are living in a miserable world, I can’t even go to Harrods without a mask, it’s absolutely ridiculous.

People are now complaining if multi-millionaire celebrities go on holiday… the horror of it!

How dare rich people go on holiday in their chartered private jets costing millions of dollars?

It’s not like they worked for their money or, even worse, you’re the people giving them a career in the first place.

  • Kim Kardashian stunned as late dad appears as a hologram at her birthday party

The online wet wipe community has decided to ‘cancel’ Kim over her trip to a private island, celebrating her 40th birthday with friends and family.

Many users on Twitter have accused her of not ‘reading the room’ and being ‘insensitive’ during a pandemic; many people have lost their jobs and could never dream of going to Brighton, let alone somewhere like Barbados.

People get upset very easily nowadays.

I think we should congratulate Kim for her success and raise a glass to her wonderful trip to the private island.

Plus, writing about her, talking about her and watching her is the reason she has so much money.

The more the trolls bash the Kardashian empire, the bigger it gets, a paradox that fills Kris Jenner’s bank account.

Instead, I suggest focus your time in building yourself and maybe one day you can afford to take your family on a private jet to a remote island to celebrate your birthday.

Keep going Kimberly, I’m behind you.

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