Rylan Clark-Neal has opened up about being unhappy with his appearance, after horrible school bullies left him insecure.

Rylan admitted he doesn't feel confident when he looks in the mirror, despite getting fillers, botox and veneers to transform himself.

The 32-year-old, who married ex police officer Dan Neal, was bullied at secondary school for being "gay, fat and ginger."

He told The Sun : "I always struggled with how I looked growing up.

"At school I was the little fat ginger kid and used to get picked on. I was quite camp, so the gay thing played its part. I used to start dying my hair at 14.

"I'm still not happy now, but I'm OK with that.

"I've had botox and fillers, and went through a stage where I took these too far sometimes.

"Do I sit here and have any regrets? Yes we all have regrets. I would love nothing more than to grow my hair out, stop colouring it, not have to trim my beard…but I created a look that people recognise. 

"I'd like to have pecks, a six-pack, arms bigger than my legs and f***ing love my life.

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"It's alright I don't love the way I look. It's OK I'm not body confident – I'm the opposite of body confident, but I'm alright with it. "

He said working in a career where people can judge him how he looks still hasn't lifted his confidence.

But he has found a good balance with skincare, makeup, and looking after himself.

The TV presenter joked he was lucky to marry someone who looks food all the time, calling him an "absolute b*****d."

Although he will never be happy with the way he looks, he is happy knowing that truth.

The star shot to fame on the X-Factor when his hysterical and theatrical antics led to him being one of the favourites with fans of the show.

However, he did not make it to the finals or snatch the top prize but made a career as a TV presenter after winning Celebrity Big Brother series 11.

Rylan's new podcast, Glow and Go, in collaboration with Soap and Glory is now available to download.

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