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Simon Cowells wild love life – Sinitta fall out, feuds and lap dancer fling

Nov 2, 2021

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Simon Cowell certainly has an extensive track record when it comes to the ladies, with a number of glamorous exes in the form of Sinitta, Dannii Minogue and Terri Seymour.

With his mega-millions and authoritative personality, it comes as no surprise that the icon has enjoyed a number of romances with a string of scorching-hot women.

Despite his many heartbreaking splits and romance breakdowns, the Britain's Got Talent star still holds numerous close bonds with many of his exes.

From secret weddings, Page 3 babes and intimate details between the sheets, Daily Star has taken a look back at Cowell's past relationships.

Jackie St Clair (1980s)

The Britain’s Got Talent judge dated Page 3 glamour model Jackie St Clair in the mid-80s.

Back in 1988, at the peak of her career, Jackie made an appearance in Hugh Hefner's popular lads' mag Playboy.

Simon and Jackie are still reportedly the best of chums today, and she is even said to have joined him on holidays.

However, the same can't be said for Jackie and Sinitta, after the 80s singer reportedly refused to be on the same boat as Jackie in 2012.

Sinitta told Daily Mail at the time: "We're never in each other's company. Simon would prefer it if we could be."

Simon added to the Mirror: "It was a pretty torrid day, absolutely hellish. What do you think? Am I getting involved with it all? That would be a 'No!'"

Sinitta (1984)

If there's one ex of Simon's that everyone can recall, its 80s singing sensation Sinitta.

The So Macho hitmaker, remains a close ally of Simon's despite their relationship coming to an end many years ago/

To this day the pair remain close, with Sinitta even appearing at Simon's swanky LA pad during the judges houses stage of the X Factor on numerous occasions.

Sinitta admitted feeling betrayed by pal Lauren when she discovered she was expecting Simon's baby, as she and Simon had been dating on and off for 20 years.

She told New magazine: "There was always an element of ‘well, it’s never really over.’

“But when Eric was born that was it. I would never come between his family.

“[Lauren] and I were best friends. I’m really happy for them, but it was hard and caused a fallout," going on to admit she was hurt that Lauren hadn't told her about their blossoming romance.

However, they all quickly mended their relationship and Sinitta is godmother to Eric.

Louise Payne (1995-1998)

In 2012, it was reported Simon Cowell and Louise Payne were engaged.

It was common knowledge that the pair had an on and off intimate relationship that began in 1995, however Cowell reportedly took their romance up a notch by popping the question.

The pair are reported to have met at a plush London event, when Louise caught Cowell's attention, although it is believed he'd had his eye on her for years.

Simon and Louise reportedly split on account of wanting different things at the time.

Georgina Law

It seems the talent expert also had a gift for scouting out Page 3 girls, as he sparked up yet another relationship with a gorgeous blonde in the industry.

Georgina, who was also a lap dancer, took to the tabloids to sell a kiss and tell story about her romance with the Pop Idol sensation.

In the interview, she said: "I met Simon at the Spearmint Rhino Club where I used to work occasionally.

"This was before Pop Idol so he wasn't famous. He is a lovely man and we had a casual relationship for about six months. We weren't proper boyfriend or girlfriend, but we'd see each other regularly."

In a later interview with the Sun, Simon confessed all, even awkwardly oversharing intimate information. Too much info Simon.

He said: "She's a great girl. We find an awful lot to laugh about, but she'll never be a Pop Idol. If you've heard her sing in the shower you'll know what I mean. But she has tremendous talents in other areas."

Terri Seymour (2001-2008)

His relationship with Terri Seymour lasted seven years before the TV presenter reportedly pulled the plug on their romance.

The pair parted ways amicably, still having regular natters on the phone and holidaying together.

Back in 2010, after their split, she confessed to The Sun: "We do still speak every day. Actually we'll often speak to each other five, even 10 times a day. And when Simon is in LA we see each other daily."

"We’ll go out with friends, we might even end up at his place until 2am, chatting and having a laugh. But we’re definitely no longer an item."

Lauren Silverman (2013)

And finally, Lauren Silverman is the last to waltz into Simon's life, becoming the mother of Simon's first child.

Lauren had been introduced to Simon by her then-husband, Andrew Silverman, on a trip to Barbados back in 2006.

The divorce of Andrew and Lauren came with a whole host of scandal, after Andrew filed on the grounds of adultery.

When describing the "ordeal" Andrew told the New York Observer: "I am a regular person, not a tabloid thing. It was a fascinating experience, unexpected and shocking."

It wasn't until 2013, that Simon and Lauren's relationship was uncovered after her pregnancy was confirmed.

She is the mother of Simon's son Eric and the couple remain girlfriend and boyfriend until today.

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