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Song You Need to Know: John.k, ‘If We Never Met’

Jul 17, 2019

It’s difficult not to appreciate a song that sounds like it was solely made for rooftop parties. John.k evokes exactly that on “If We Never Met,” a soulful, simple pop tune about the “what ifs” in a life without someone special.

“If We Never Met” builds upon itself. It starts fairly bare: John.k’s warm voice is merely joined by a simple guitar strum as drum fills begin to fill the layers beneath. The singer wonders what his life would be like without his lover, assuming that the single version of him would be “drunk, waking up in someone else’s bed” or generally lost. The vision is dark but the reality is much sweeter, making the song more upbeat and breezy — a perfect summertime sunset soundtrack.

John.k broke through in 2017 with his song “OT” and released his debut EP, If We Never Met, this past April.

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