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X Factor star recalls stalker hell and scary fans who forced him off the road

May 21, 2022

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X-Factor star Matt Terry has opened up on some crazy fan moments.

Matt, 28, won the ITV show in 2016 and has since had a successful singing career.

When chatting exclusively on a Daily Star Facebook Live, he revealed some over the top fan tales.

Talking about the attention he gets from fans, he said "It can vary it can literally be nothing to loads. I find the bigger cities it's less and it's nice.

"I got here to Cardiff and I went to Costa and they couldn't believe I was in there and I was like I'm literally in Costa every day."

But touching upon some crazier stories, he said: "I do have one after the show I hadn't learned to drive yet and I wanted to buy a car so I did a really intense course before the tour and I bought a mini.

"It was fun to drive around in and I was always in the car because I loved it and there was this man in the car who drove up past next to me and was bibbing me and I thought 'oh my God, what have I done?'

"He wants to punch me, he's having a go at me, he's going to ram into my car and he was like 'pull over, pulll over!' and I was like what shall I do?

"I was nervous, I was scared and he starts to like push his car into mine, I stop and he comes near me and I'm like he's going to have a massive go at me.

"He gets out of his car and luckily his two little girls jump out the back of his car and he's like 'can we get a photo mate?' I was like 'I thought you were gonna wallop me'.

He continued: "That was the craziest time, nothing like that has happened since, I mean I guess I've had a few but it's been five years.

"Right off the back of the show was when it was the most mental. I had a drone outside my house once flying outside my window hovering, I couldn't t quite reach it after I found it in a bush where they had crashed it. I don't know it could have been a neighbour but it was a bit weird."

Matt is currently starring in the musical Rock Of Ages as Stacee Jaxx and fans from all over the UK can see him at a theatre near them.

More info and tickets are available here.

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