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X Factors Eoghan Quigg unrecognisable 14 years after show in snap with daughter

Jan 17, 2022

X Factor star Eoghan Quigg looks totally different to what he did during his ITV singing days.

The Northern Irish lad shot to fame during series five of the X Factor when he was just 16-years-old and won over the hearts of the nation.

However, it wasn't enough to win as he came in third behind JLS and winner Alexandra Burke.

In 2008, Eoghan was mentored by music mogul Simon Cowell on the show and was in talks to sign onto his Syco record label following Eoghan's X Factor success.

However, he ended up signing with RCA after Simon pulled out of the deal and Eoghan released a self-titled album in 2009.

After this, the singer pulled away from the showbiz sphere but returned to TV screens again in 2014 when he competed for the opportunity to represent Ireland at the annual Eurovision Song Contest.

The star is now 29-years-old and is settled down with his partner Amy Campbell in Derry, Ireland.

The happy couple welcomed a daughter last year and the star shared an adorable snap of him as a new dad with his little girl on Boxing Day.

These days he looks totally different from the spiky-haired teen who became the crush of all young girls watching the ITV show.

Eoghan has ditched the spikes for a more modern hair-do and his arms are now covered in tattoos.

Renowned for his distinctive hairstyle on the talent show but has actually recently opened up on how he oped for a hair transplant in 2020.

On Instagram, Eoghan announced that he had become an ambassador for a hair clinic in Istanbul.

He told his followers: "I have to say it is the best decision I have ever made. For men, losing their hair can be such a stressful experience and one that we maybe don’t often open up or talk about enough.

He added: "Since getting the hairline transplant and being open and honest about it, I’ve had so many men and women messaging me to say fair play, how they want to get it done, asking how do they go about it, cost, aftercare, does it really work etc and it’s been so refreshing actually finding out how many people where feeling how I used to feel and that I wasn’t the only one."

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