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Yung Miami Defends Herself After Abruptly Walking Off the Stage While Performing With JT

Nov 16, 2021

When performing at the Revolt Summit, the 27-year-old City Girls member suddenly stops her performance while her groupmate is still on the other side of the stage.

AceShowbizYung Miami remained defiant amid backlash over her recent performance. Having come under fire for abruptly walking off the stage while performing with JT at the Revolt Summit, the 27-year-old City Girls star took to social media to defend herself.

In a clip surfacing online, Miami was seen exiting the stage before the performance was over. JT, who was on the other side of the stage, seemed to be confused. The two later put down the their microphones and left.

Many were not impressed by Miami’s act, with one person writing on Twitter, “don’t be walking off stage after mfs paid to see you girl.” Having caught wind of the tweet, the femcee shouted back, “Girl the show was over! Wtf you wanted me to stand there and smile? F**k you!”

The musician, real name Caresha Romeka Brownlee, also fired back at an online troll calling her bipolar. “And this is why it’s hard to sympathize with you cause, one minute you normal, next min you bipolar. Lol it just may be that time of the month. But suhhh,” so read the post, to which the “Twerkulator” raptress replied, “I never asked you to sympathize with me weirdo!”

JT herself has previously addressed the viral video. She explained in a since-deleted tweet, “I wasn’t confused that Caresha walked off. I knew the show was over I was confused on how to end the show being that it was a very short show. & we both walked to separate ends of the stage to sat bye to everybody my side was just further from the exit.”

“& before y’all ask why I’m just saying something it’s because usually she ignores situations & I didn’t want to bring attention to it,” she elaborated further. “y’all get very weird when I speak so I just wanted it to blow over as it would have after a couple other post.”

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