1000-LB Sisters star Tammy Slaton has been told by doctors she has an 80 percent change of dying within just five years if she doesn't change her ways.

In a clip released by TLC ahead of the reality show's season premiere tonight, the 32-year-old is seen visiting a doctor after piling on the pounds.

Tipping the scales at 605lbs, Tammy's weight has left her virtually immobile and struggling to move, even with the help of a walker.

The new series follows Tammy alongside her sister Amy, 31, who is expecting a baby but weighs in at a dangerous 406lbs.

While Amy works hard to keep her weight down for her upcoming brith, the video teases that Tammy is yet to do enough to preserve her life.

"I can't catch my breath," Tammy is heard saying, wiping sweat off her brow and red in the face as she attempts to walk down her driveway.

"Tammy, your chances of dying in the next five years are about 80 percent," a following cut scene reveals, as a doctor addresses her and her shocked family members.

Previously, the sisters were seen embarking on a weight loss journey to qualify for bariatric surgery.

The life-changing surgery involves making your stomach smaller, so that you feel fuller despite eating and drinking much less.

In the show's first season, viewers saw how Tammy struggles with day to day life, struggling to get up and using a wheelchair.

Doctor's had similar concerns before, with experts "ready to cancel the surgery" due a lack of weight-loss progress.

"I don't see us going forward with it with the progress that you're making right now," the doctor explained, with Amy blaming Tammy for "not trying at all".

The new season airs tonight (Monday) at 10/9c on TLC.

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