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A Place In The Sun: ‘Seriously’ Jasmine Harman snaps at couple who can’t agree on houses

Jun 26, 2019

Jasmine Harman was tasked with finding the dream home for married couple Mandy and Paul on today’s A Place In The Sun but it turned out they didn’t share all of the same ideas. 

Animal lovers Mandy and Paul from Sussex were looking for their forever home on the Channel 4 property programme and were hoping to start a new life in Costa Blanca, Spain. 

The pair who own six cats and a dog wanted plenty of outdoor space, a pool and to be in close proximity to amenities. 

After showing the couple around two properties Jasmine noticed the pair valued very different things in either house. 

Arriving at the third property, Mandy exclaimed: “It’s amazing, it’s incredible!” but Jasmine wasn’t convinced considering Mandy’s earlier complaints. 

“I’m waiting for it…” the property expert joked before revealing the house was slightly over their budget of £185,000 and on the market at £189,000. 

Noticing Paul’s reservations Jasmine snapped: “What is going on with you two… Seriously?” 

“I think it’s the price that’s my problem,” Paul admitted before the pair took a look around the rest of the property. 

Despite having her work cut out Jasmine finally found the ideal property for the couple with her final offering of the day. 

Mandy and Paul confessed how much they loved the feel of the final house as soon as they arrived. 

“I must be hearing things it sound like you two are agreeing,” Jasmine remarked. 

Mandy revealed: “I do think what we’ve seen so far this is more us and it just gets better and better,” and Paul added: “I could see us living here forever.” 

As the pair had another look around Jasmine quipped: “I was beginning to wonder if these two would ever fully agree but it seems with the property I’ve finally cracked it.” 

Paul and Mandy were so taken with the property that they decided to put an offer it leading to a tense wait after Jasmine had made the all important call to the property’s agent. 

While the animal loving pair waited for the news, Paul commented: “Mandy’s shaking!” 

Jasmine quickly received a call back and she was relieved to let the pair know their offer had been accepted. 

“I’m so happy for you, oh my goodness,” the property expert exclaimed. 

The pair thanked Jasmine for her search as Paul revealed: “I’ve got a tear in my eye.” 

Earlier in the week, Ben Hillman was shocked to reveal to one couple he had secured their dream house for £17,000 under the asking price. 

Maxine and Cormac’s ideal home was over budget but the pair decided to put an offer in anyway and luckily it was accepted. 

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 4pm on Channel 4. 

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