AMAZING Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby viewers have blasted the eye-watering prices of 'pretentious’ rooms worth more than a car.

The BBC One show visits some of the worlds most luxurious and expensive hotels, and the latest episode took place within the Shangri-La hotel in London.

The five star hotel is housed in The Shard, and room prices start from £450 a night.

Presenters Giles Coren and Monica Galetti had chance to go behind the scenes, and Monica helped set up the bedrooms that needed extra items requested by guests.

This included birthday decorations, balloons, champagne and flowers as well as writing personal messages on the window for when the blinds lift and reveal the spectacular views to the guests.

As the episode went on, viewers were treated to more behind-the-scenes activities that go on at the hotel to make a person's stay extra special, but many were left unimpressed and annoyed at the expense involved.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "Well that’s £500-£10000 i will save on never spending a night at the ShanGrilla. There is absolutely nothing to appeal.

"If you wrote on the window I wouldn’t be impressed. Oh and I’m not letting anyone run my bath! #amazinghotels."

Another added: "Who knew the shard's @ShangriLaHotels was so God damn tacky.

"A Paris themed room with writing on the windows and crass post it notes in the reception? No thanks #amazinghotels#lifebeyondthelobby."

A third tweeted: "Incredible that we’ve got people living off food from skips whilst hotels like this spend more on a f***ing “gingerbread village” than I paid for my first car #amazinghotels."

Meanwhile a fourth shared: "If he proposed to me from the #Shangrilla i would definitely say NO! #amazinghotels How pretentious."

Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond The Lobby airs on Thursday, March 18 at 9pm on BBC Two.

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