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Amazon Lovestruck Highs Junaid promises a lot of tantrums in new reality show

May 3, 2022

Amazon Prime is set to release a brand new reality dating show named 'Lovestruck High' which will follow a diverse group of UK based singles in their twenties as they go back to school for a second time to try and find ‘the one’.

The brand Amazon Prime show will be narrated by none other than Lindsay Lohan, who will provide voiceover commentary as the singletons try to find love and secure a date for prom – all hoping to be crowned prom royalty and cash prize of $100,000 (£76,000) prize.

Lovestruck High contestant Junaid Ahmed, who is the self proclaimed "b*tch with a heart of gold" chatted exclusively to the Daily Star and explained his excitement of taking part in a reality television first.

He said: "Lovestruck High is a brand new concept. Who would have thought of the idea of bringing British singles back to an American high school to find love?

"It's so diverse and has a range of different people from backgrounds to sexualities, colour, everything and it's so beautifully done. As Amazon Prime's first reality show, the casting was absolutely perfect, as you don't see the cast members of Lovestruck on mainstream TV – which is so inspiring."

With Lovestruck High boasting a cast of 15 students from across the UK, the show celebrates all different sexualities, religions and backgrounds.

When asking Junaid how important he felt it was so be represented on a global scale thanks to Amazon, he was excited to share that he finally felt seen.

"We are in 2022 now and so much has happened within the last couple of years with diversity as a whole, with [Black Lives Matter] for an example or the LGBTQ+ community there are so many factors in it. TV was on the back foot with this and now this is the first reality show done with a cast so diverse with a mixture of sexualities. It's just amazing," he gushed.

"I come from a Muslim background, where is there anyone like me on mainstream TV? There isn't one person that I can look up to and be inspired by that come from the exact same culture, background, religion and everything like me.

"For me I'm now a springboard for a lot of people and I'm going to use my platform to help inspire people."

Lindsay Lohan – whose acting filmography includes Mean Girls, Parent Trap and Freaky Friday – announced that she will add reality TV to her CV by narrating the show.

Junaid was lost for words when he heard the reality series would be narrated by a Hollywood icon.

"Nobody told us, it was a complete secret. The morning it was announced I was like 'OH MY GOD YOU CAN'T TOP THAT'. I mean, come on, Amazon pulled it out of the bag, we got bloody Lindsay Lohan!"

He added: "Lindsay is the queen of high school, when it comes to Mean Girls like she is an icon. To have her as the voiceover that just takes it to another level. It takes it from reality TV to top tier movie theatre"

Teasing the season, Junaid was quick to assure us there is going to be plenty of drama and a lot of explosive moments throughout the series that fans can look forward to.

"All I'll say is tune in. There is going to be a lot of tears, a lot of tantrums, a lot of arguments and I tend to be at the centre of it but that's just how it is. I'm never one to shy away from speaking my mind and I call out a lot of fake sh*t and that's what you see in the trailer."

"Let's just say Lovestruck has it's explosive moments, but then again apart from the drama that I tend to cause there is a lot of fun in it as well and you do see a lot of it. It's a rollercoaster of emotions to say the least."

Lovestruck High launches on Prime Video on 18th May 2022.

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